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I'm Operations Manager at our Girvan site, I love my role, it means I get to work on all aspects of our operations across the factory. We make chocolate crumb at Girvan, which is a key ingredient in a number of our confectionery products.

I've been at Nestlé 25 years, in a number of different roles in the factory. Being based in a factory, which is traditionally male dominated, I've found that striving for a gender balanced workplace a positive experience. A more gender balanced workplace brings more ideas and a different way of tackling problems.

How can we create a more gender balanced workplace?

I had four children when I joined Nestlé. I started at an entry level and moved my way up to the top. It wasn't easy, but the business encouraged me at every step of my journey. We need to make it easier for women to get back into the work after having a child, my experience should be the norm. It is possible to have a family and rise to the top in your career.

Who has inspired you?

A Nestlé colleague who I worked with earlier in my career, in Group Quality, she acted as my mentor and coach. She made me feel so capable and more confident, she encouraged me and was always there for advice and words of wisdom. I saw her as an example and proof that I could succeed in this business, and care for my family.