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Young farmers visit Nestlé factory in latest event

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  • Second event of Next Generation Dairy Leaders programme focuses on Nestlé supply chain and why milk quality is vital
  • Young farmers take tour of Nestlé’s site in Dalston, Cumbria where Nescafé Café Menu products are made using their milk
Dalston farmers

Nestlé’s factory in Dalston, Cumbria, has today hosted the latest event of the Next Generation Dairy Leaders Programme.

Seven young First Milk farmers supplying to Nestlé’s factories in Dalston, Cumbria and Girvan, Scotland visited the company’s Dalston site, home to Nescafé Café Menu products, such as cappuccino and latte. They toured the factory to learn about Nestlé supply chain and how the quality of their milk impacts Nescafé Café Menu production performance in what was the second event held under the programme.

The farmers took part in a number of activities, including an interactive demand planning game to help improve their knowledge of the dairy industry and give them a greater understanding of the dairy supply chain from field to consumer.

George Brown, 25 year old farmer from Cumbria said of the programme:

“It has been fantastic learning about the larger supply chain and what goes on ‘beyond the farm gate’. Now, more than ever, it is too easy to get bogged down in day to day activities with the cows, so to be shown the wider industry and how we fit in with a global company like Nestlé has been, and will continue to be, an eye opening experience.”

Jennifer Galloway, 28 year old farmer from Girvan in Scotland added:

“It was very interesting to see where our milk goes and how some of the country’s most famous products are made using our milk. My experience at Nestlé has made me look at the dairy industry in a different way and I look forward to learning even more as part of the programme.”

Dalston Farmers at the factory

Nestlé and First Milk launched the Next Generation Dairy Leaders Programme in February 2016, a scheme for young farmers that aims to identify, nurture and develop the next generation of dairy leaders.

The programme forms part of Nestlé’s long-term partnership with First Milk to improve the sustainability of their farms and develop a more sustainable and efficient supply chain with a reduced environmental impact.

The Nestlé First Milk Partnership comprises 106 farmers in Cumbria, Ayrshire and Wigtownshire providing high quality fresh milk used in the manufacture of brands, such as Nescafé Café Menu and KitKat.

140 million litres of milk goes into producing Nestlé UK confectionery and Nescafé products every year. This constitutes 1% of the UK’s total milk volume and 8% of Scotland’s.

Milk supplied by First Milk farmers to Nestlé Dalston factory is used to make Nescafé Café Menu products, such as cappuccino and latte.

Nescafé packs

Nescafé Café Menu packing design has been recently updated to assure consumers that only quality fresh milk is used in the product and that is it produced using responsible farming practices as part of Nestlé’s partnership with First Milk. The new packaging features a cow and a field to create closer connections between the consumers and the cows that provide milk to ensure the delicious taste and frothiness of the product.


For more information, please contact Nestlé Press Office on 020 8667 6005 [email protected]

Notes to editors:

• More information about Nestlé and First Milk’s Next Generation Dairy Leaders Programme can be found here: