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A Wunda-ful new look

High in protein, calcium, fibre, low in fat & sugar and tastes great. Can your plant-based drink say that?
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Wunda, Nestlé's innovative plant-based milk alternative, is having a fresh new look putting its hero ingredient, the yellow split pea, front and centre of pack.

The new design highlights Wunda's taste and nutritional values making it easier for plant-based fans to navigate the supermarket shelves and make informed choices for a tasty breakfast or frothy cappuccino based on nutritional credentials.

Since its launch last year, Wunda has become the first choice for many plant-based milk alternative lovers by offering nutritional balance and versatility without compromising on taste.

Wunda yellow split pea milk alternative is on a mission to make plant-based life easy and more enjoyable for all by offering both taste and nutrition when moving from a dairy to a plant-based milk alternative.

A Wunda ful new look

The humble yellow split pea

The nutrition profile of plant-based milk alternatives can vary enormously depending on the plant ingredient used, as well as the other ingredients added.

Wunda is made from yellow split peas which are a member of the legume family, which also includes chickpeas, lentils and many other beans. These pea superstars are a source of good quality plant-based protein, and froth incredibly well - great for our morning coffee. 

Not only is Wunda packed with pea protein, it is also high in fibre, calcium, low in fat and sugar and is a source of vitamins D, B2 and B12.

Wunda is vegan certified and suitable for those with a variety of intolerances and allergies as it is gluten-, lactose-, soya- and nut-free.

Many other plant-based milk alternatives do not provide all the nutrition benefits of Wunda - for example, some plant-based milk alternatives are not a source of protein or fibre, or may not be low in fat.

Vasu Read, Senior Brand Manager for Wunda, said: "Shopping for a plant-based milk alternative can be an overwhelming experience when there are so many different choices available.

"One of the most important parts of choosing a milk alternative is making sure you get the nutrients you need for a healthy and balanced diet.

"Wunda is a well-rounded solution which delivers on taste and nutrition. Its innovative recipe ensures that you can continue to have a frothy cappuccino and enjoy your breakfast with its neutral taste, while contributing to your daily calcium, protein and fibre intakes."

Tastes great in everything

As well as being nutritionally balanced, Wunda's innovative recipe means it offers a delicate taste for breakfast, froths incredibly well, tastes great in smoothies and is versatile for use in a variety of both sweet and savoury dishes.

For some delicious and nutritionally balanced recipes to make with Wunda, visit

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The new refreshed Wunda pack design is available in major supermarkets from this week. It is available in two variants: Original and Unsweetened.