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NEW plant-based milk alternative for toddlers from SMA Nutrition®

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Do you enjoy plant-based drinks? Well now your toddler can too!

SMA Nutrition® is bringing a new yummy plant-based drink, LITTLE STEPS® PLANTYGROW Plant-based Growing Up Drink that is nutritionally designed for toddlers from 1-3 years of age as part of a varied and balanced diet.  

This tasty plant-based milk alternative is a great and versatile choice for parents looking to diversify their toddler's diet. It can be mixed into a toddler's favourite breakfast, added to yummy smoothies and shakes or just as a drink in a toddler's cup!

It's great for tots because it has no added sugars*, is a good source of Vitamins A, C, B2, B12 & Iron and has been enriched with iodine and Omega 3 & 6. The drink also contains Calcium and Vitamin D which are needed for normal growth and bone development in children.

Vicky Woods, SMA Nutrition Managing Director said: "Consumers are increasingly choosing plant-based milk alternatives for themselves and looking for options that contain the added nutrients their growing toddlers need. We know that every day toddlers are growing, learning, doing something new and overcoming little challenges. We want to help support toddlers' development, as part of varied and balanced diet, while they have fun and get on with living their best life! Setting them on the right track to a bright future".

LITTLE STEPS® PLANTYGROW Plant-based Growing Up Drink comes as a ready to drink liquid with no preparation required, just shake it. It is available in convenient on-the-go 200ml or 1 litre resealable cartons that are easy to pour and can be kept in the fridge (5°C or below) after opening for up to 24 hours for 200 ml and 48 hours for 1 litre.

200 ml is now available in Tesco.

1ltr & 200ml coming soon to ASDA.

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*contains naturally occurring sugars

IMPORTANT NOTICE: LITTLE STEPS® PLANTYGROW Plant-based Growing Up Drink is suitable for young children from 1-3 years, as part of a varied and balanced diet and is not a breast milk substitute. ZTC5852 06/22