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Nestlé UK one of the first companies to commit to UK 2017 Salt Reduction pledge

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Nestlé UK has announced it is a signatory of the new Responsibility Deal Salt Reduction 2017 pledge; the latest UK Government initiative which will support and enable individuals to further reduce their salt intake. The pledge was launched in March 2011.

Nestlé UK is one of the first manufacturers to sign up to the new salt pledge, and has supported the Public Health Responsibility Deal since its launch in 2011. By signing up to the pledge, Nestlé is committing to continually reviewing and lowering levels of salt in our products and to work towards achieving the salt targets so that the population salt intake can be reduced to an average of 6g a day for adults*.

We understand that consumers are looking for healthier food and beverages that do not compromise on taste. That’s why we constantly review our product range to improve taste while enhancing nutritional value, to work towards the perfect balance.

Nestlé UK is working towards meeting the targets by working in the UK and globally to find technical solutions to salt reduction across our range of products.

Since 2005 we have reduced the amount of salt in our food and cereal products globally by around 14,000 tonnes. For example, in 2012, we reduced salt in the first range of Maggi So Juicy products, launched in 2011, achieving a salt reduction of 38% (on a sales weighted basis) across five products and the salt levels in our HERTA CLASSICS® FRANKFURTERS were reformulated again to meet the Responsibility Deal 2012 Salt Reduction Targets.

For more information, please visit the Department of Health website -


For further information, contact Nestlé UK Press Office: [email protected] / 020 8667 6005

Notes to editors:

  • All Nestlé UK products meet the original Food Standards Agency 2010 Salt reduction Targets.

Nestle UK Achievements in Meeting the 2012 Salt Reduction Targets (F2 pledge):

  • Over 80% Nestle UK HERTA frankfurter sales volume (2013) meet the targets.
  • All Cereal Partners UK products contain levels of sodium below the maximum salt target.
  • Maggi recipe mixes are seasoning mixes designed to make balanced family meals. We have developed these so that the final roast meat product or the whole meal (as consumed) meets the relevant salt reduction targets for whole muscle or ready meals.
  • All Nestle sauces manufactured to a UK recipe meet the targets.
  • All of our chocolate biscuit products are low in salt and as such contain levels of salt below the targets.
  • All Nestle noodle products manufactured to a UK recipe meet the targets.
  • During 2012, Nestle acquired a number of noodle and sauces products that did not meet the salt targets. These products are imported from other markets Reductions in salt will be achieved as part of the Nestle global salt reduction policy.

*as recommended by the Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition (SACN).