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Rowntree’s re-brand sees four new additions to Randoms range

• Historic Rowntree’s brand gets a new look for 2019 while Randoms range expands
• Randoms Sours, Squish’ems and Foamies join limited edition Easter Mix but it’s farewell to Tooty Frooties
new rowntrees randoms range
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Brand new variants of Rowntree’s Randoms – Nestlé’s randomly shaped, fruit flavoured sweets – are being introduced to coincide with its tenth birthday and a major refresh of the Rowntree’s brand.

Sharing bags containing only Squish’ems (squishy foam and fruity jelly in one sweet), Foamies (foamy sweets) and now sour sweets, Randoms Sours, are joining the existing range of Rowntree’s Randoms as of this week. A fourth sharing bag, Randoms Easter mix, is a seasonal selection of random Easter related shapes on sale now for the Easter season.

Rowntree’s Randoms were introduced ten years ago, brand-new jelly sweets in a variety of random shapes and with six fruity flavours of raspberry, cherry, blackcurrant, orange, lime and ice cream. The new range adds several new shapes including a hashtag, a gnome, a unicorn and a flamingo while sweets shaped like a cake, birthday present, party popper and number 10 are all added to celebrate the brand’s tenth anniversary.

New shapes come courtesy of a Nestlé employee who has worked for the firm for almost three decades and will carefully hand carve the mould for each new sweet before it is taken to mass production. There are over 100 shapes, in 4 different textures and 6 different flavours which means there are billions of possible combinations of shapes for each pack and the chances of getting the same mix twice is mind-bogglingly unlikely.

In addition to the new shapes, the green sweets, currently lime-flavoured, will now be apple-flavoured after the change proved more popular in testing. All of the sweets continue to contain no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

Hannah Smithson, Assistant Brand Manager for Rowntree’s said: “We are so excited to announce all of this new news for Rowntree’s Randoms’. There is truly something for everyone in the new range whether you prefer the jelly Squish’ems, the foamy sweets or something a little more on the sour side.

“We’ve been working very hard to make this year the best yet for Randoms and are delighted to introduce new shapes, tastes, textures and flavours that all our consumers will absolutely love!”

The new 140g sharing bags of Rowntree’s Randoms Squish’ems and Sours go on sale this week in all major retailers while Rowntree’s Randoms Foamies are exclusive to Tesco. The limited edition 150g Rowntree’s Randoms Easter Mix is exclusive to Asda for the Easter season.

The new Rowntree’s Randoms launch will be supported by a media campaign which will include advertising, social and digital media as well as sampling activity.

The introduction of new choices in the Rowntree’s Randoms range comes at the same time as a major re-brand for Rowntree’s which covers Nestlé’s full range of sugar sweets including Fruit Pastilles, Fruit Gums and Jelly Tots as well as Randoms.

The re-brand introduces brighter colours and more prominent branding across all packs while the Rowntree’s logo itself has a modern new-look with a darker green colour and updated font.

rowntrees sharing bags

Alongside the new Rowntree’s Randoms products, Nestlé will say goodbye to Tooty Frooties, the chewy sweets with a hard shell that date back to the 1960s.

A Nestlé spokesperson said: “Sweet tastes and trends change over the years and Tooty Frooties have become much less popular in the decades since their launch. In 2019, people prefer the jelly and foamy sweets you find in Rowntree’s Randoms and that’s why we’ve decided to concentrate on new products under the Randoms brand.”




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