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MILKYBAR comes of age with its new Raisin and Biscuit bar

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Nestlé Confectionery is set to build on the heritage of one its oldest and best loved brands, with the launch of MILKYBAR Raisin and Biscuit. Available from the 26th July, the new bar is specifically designed to extend the brand’s appeal to adult consumers.

Backed by a huge £7m media campaign, which is the biggest spend on MILKYBAR ever, the launch will transform the white chocolate market. The media campaign includes new TV and outdoor advertising as well as significant digital support, which is all specifically tailored for adults.

Graham Walker, Nestlé UK Trade Communications Manager, says, “This is the biggest news for MILKYBAR in years. Traditionally enjoyed by kids, MILKYBAR is also incredibly popular with adults. In fact, over 75% of consumers like white chocolate and over 60% of MILKYBAR singles are bought by adults for their own enjoyment (2). So, we fully expect MILKYBAR Raisin and Biscuit, with its sophisticated packaging and huge adult focused media support to bring even more adults to the brand.”

“Retailers are advised to make the most of what is one of the biggest and most exciting confectionery launches of 2010, by displaying MILKYBAR Raisin and Biscuit away from kids confectionery on the main fixture and with eye-catching POS next to the till.”

MILKYBAR Raisin and Biscuit will complete the MILKYBAR singles range, which also includes Milkybar Buttons and Milkybar Small, which are perfect for kids and Milkybar Medium, which is eaten by kids and adults alike.

The white chocolate market is worth a huge £70m in consumer sales, with over 130m packs sold each year(2). MILKYBAR dominates the market, with a 60% share, selling over 79 million packs each year3.

For more information on the Nestlé Confectionery range please contact Lucy Drake or Niall Hughes at Clarion Communications on 0207 343 3112 or [email protected] / [email protected].

Notes to Editors

  • MILKYBAR Raisin and Biscuit bars are 37g with a RRP of 52p.
  • The MILKYBAR range includes:
    • Milkybar Buttons Bag, RRP 41p
    • Milkybar Medium, RRP 41p
    • Milkybar Small, RRP 17p
    • Milkybar 100g, RRP £1.00
    • Milkybar Buttons Sharing Bag, RRP £1.45
    • Milkybar Moments Pouch, RRP £1.85
    • Milkybar Medium 5 Pack, RRP £1.69
    • Milkybar Buttons 4 Pack, RRP £1.00
    • Milkybar Small 6 Pack, RRP £1.00
    • Milkybar Buttons Minis Bag, RRP £2.31

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2 MILKYBAR Consumer Targeting Analysis, 2009 (using TNS data and Brainjuicer quant research, 2009)
2 IRI data (exc Gifting) to 52 w/e 22 May, 2010