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A giant London tube map has been created using only Quality Street®

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tube map

What happens when you cross an iconic British image with an iconic British sweet? The people at have the answer with this impressive large-scale rendering of London’s famous tube map made up of only Nestlé Quality Street® sweets.

WATCH: Geoff and the team at recreate the London tube map using only Quality Street®

The giant artwork is the brainchild of tube enthusiast and journalist Geoff Marshall who has been a fan of the capital’s underground train system since his first journey more than 30 years ago. Geoff has also twice been a holder of the world record for travelling to every London underground stop in the fastest time.

The map took 11 volunteers around an hour to complete and the colourful wrappers of the Quality Street® sweets matched almost perfectly to the different colours of the lines on the tube map. There were more than 1500 sweets used in total and the leftovers were given away - minus a box full of toffee pennies that Geoff kept for himself.

Geoff Marshall at says: “I am London born and have been here most of my life so I’ve always loved the tube. I made a small portion of the map last year when I realised how well the colours of the Quality Street® matched with the tube lines. 

“I showed it to some people and they started to ask me to do the whole thing, so we did! The hardest part was the Overground in North East London where so many lines come together but we solved it. After the shoot we gave a lot of leftovers away but I made sure I took a whole box of the circular toffee chew ones with me as they really are my favourite!”

Nestlé announced last week that Quality Street® will be joined by all of its other UK & Ireland confectionery and biscuit brands in using 100 per cent certified sustainable cocoa from January 1st next year.

For more information, please contact Nestlé Press Office on 020 8667 6005 [email protected]