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Nestlé Waters UK agrees hydro power deal

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The Nestlé Waters UK bottling plant in Buxton is now generating 30% of the electricity it uses from water itself. 

The site will be supporting its local community by sourcing electricity from Derwent Hydroelectric Power Ltd., a local hydroelectricity supplier.

The electricity generated at three of the facilities owned by the organisation, including the Belper Mills site, will be purchased for use at the Nestlé Waters factory in Buxton, making up approximately 30% of the electricity used there and meaning consumers can now enjoy bottled water, powered by water.

Today’s announcement is another step forwards for Nestlé Waters UK, whose factory in Buxton was built with sustainability in mind and is already one of Europe’s most innovative and efficient bottling facilities.

When opened in 2013, the new production lines at the factory enabled Nestlé Waters to reduce the amount of plastic used in packaging by an average of 25% across the range, improve water efficiency and significantly decrease its total energy output.

The factory, which bottles Buxton Natural Mineral Water and Nestlé Pure Life spring water, has since been independently accredited as zero waste to landfill.  These achievements complement existing practises in waste reduction and the sustainable water management of its water sources.‎

Charlie Roberts, Buxton Factory Manager, said:

“Buxton is already one of the most state-of-the-art factories for bottling water in Europe. We frequently produce more than 2 million bottles in a day of natural mineral and spring water, giving people the chance to choose a healthy beverage, and we always strive to make our products as sustainable as possible.

"Bottled water is widely recognised as having the lowest environment footprint of all packaged beverages and this initiative brings us closer to zero environmental impact and sees bottled water production actually powered by water!”

Jamie Needle, Development Manager at Derwent Hydroelectric Power, commented:

“We are very pleased to have agreed to provide hydroelectric power to Nestlé Waters generated at our site in Belper on the river Derwent, and at two of our other sites, over the next three years.

"As a hydroelectric generator, sustainability is at the heart of our business model, which is why we are delighted to be partnering with Nestlé Waters to help their operations become as environmentally sustainable as possible.”

Earlier this month Nestlé announced that of its grid-supplied electricity in the UK and Ireland now comes from renewable sources.