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Creating Shared Value Plan launched - Building a Sustainable Future

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Nestlé UK

Nestlé UK & Ireland has released its 2012 Creating Shared Value Plan titled 'Building a Sustainable Future'.  The Plan outlines Nestlé's progress to date in terms of meeting its social and sustainability commitments within the UK. 

Creating Shared Value underpins Nestlé's belief that for a business to be successful in the long term it must create value for its shareholders and at the same time for society at large, based on a strong foundation of sustainability and compliance.

By investing in innovative solutions and world class manufacturing facilities the business has made good progress in a number of key areas. 

Highlights include:

  • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 16% since 2006 - replacing five heavy oil boilers at our Girvan factory with two gas -fired boilers resulted in a reduction of 6,000 tonnes of GHG emissions in one year.

  • Championing innovative packaging design and becoming the first major UK confectioner to offer an entire Easter egg range with 100% recyclable packaging

  • Trialling different recycling solutions enabling half of the Nestlé factories in the UK to be verified as sending zero waste to landfill -  well ahead of the target for all 14 to have achieved this by 2015.

  • Becoming the first major confectioner in the UK to remove all artificial colours, flavours and preservatives - the result of seven years of research in the UK

  • Sourcing 100% RSPO certified palm oil for all products manufactured in the UK - ahead of the target set of 2015.

  • Working with First Milk dairy farmers in Girvan to help them reduce their environmental impact and improve the quality of their milk.  Since the partnership began in 2011 the farmers have saved 5,517 tonnes of carbon and reduced total non-livestock water usage by 5.1%

  • Providing 4.5 million disease-resistant plantlets to coffee growers in Colombia and training 1,551 farmers in good agricultural practices


Fiona Kendrick, CEO & Chairman Nestlé UK & Ireland said: "Creating Shared Value is at the heart of how we do business. Every part of our business is focused on driving social and environmental improvements in the way they operate. Through innovative solutions and investing in our manufacturing facilities we have achieved a number of significant milestones including; becoming the first manufacturer to offer a 100% recyclable range of Easter Eggs, achieving zero to landfill at seven of our UK factories and achieving our 2015 target of sourcing 100% certified palm oil for our UK manufactured products. 

"We are very proud of the significant progress we have made in our sustainability journey so far and have set ourselves ambitious targets for the years ahead.  As a major UK manufacturer and employer we have a responsibility to not only build a sustainable future for our business but also society at large, and in particular the communities in which we operate.  We need to continue to think differently and find new solutions to the problems of today in order to protect our business of tomorrow.”

More than 2 billion Nestlé products are sold in the UK every year and enjoyed by over 96% of UK households.  A major food manufacturer Nestlé exports over £300m worth of products to over 50 countries.   In 2011 Nestlé committed to investing £500m over three years to establish its next generation of world-class manufacturing facilities in the UK.  This investment will help the business achieve the new sustainability targets which have been set. 

The 2012 plan sets out ambitious new targets for the business covering Environmental Impact, Nutrition Health & Wellness and Social Impact.  

New targets for Nestlé UK and Ireland include:

Environmental Impact

  • Reducing total water consumption by 40% by 20151,2
  • Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions by 30% by 20152
  • Introducing Biodiversity programmes at all 14 sites across the UK by 2015
  • Achieving zero waste to landfill at all 14 sites by 2015

Nutrition Health and Wellness

  • Increasing the number of confectionery products containing less than 110 calories per serving by the end of 2012
  • Including on-pack messaging on all confectionery products that are portionable by 2014
  • Providing nutrition training to catering staff, in conjunction with our contract caterers, at all company restaurants by 2013

Social Impact

  •  Sourcing 100% certified sustainable cocoa for confectionery by 2015
  • Establishing a community sustainability learning centre at our Fawdon site by 2014

The Nestlé in the UK and Ireland Creating Shared Value Plan 2012 can be accessed at   The report has been independently assured by Bureau Veritas.


For further information please call the Nestlé Press Office on 020 8667 6005 or email [email protected]


1. Consumption refers to total water withdrawal in cubic metres
2. The baseline year for this data is 2006.

Bureau Veritas is an independent professional services company that specialises in quality health, safety, environment and social accountability with over 180 years’ history.  For more information please visit