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Ruby chocolate revolution continues with Nestlé’s Baci Perugina

Limited edition Ruby Baci Perugina is available for just 3 weeks in Sainsbury’s stores nationwide
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Baci Perugina, Nestlé’s iconic premium chocolate, is launching a Ruby chocolate variant in the UK exclusively at Sainsbury’s stores.

The pink Baci Perugina Limited Edition is made with chocolate derived from Ruby cocoa beans, which offers an intense berry-fruitiness taste without the addition of any flavourings or colours. The pleasantly surprising fruity taste of Ruby chocolate is combined with the iconic smooth hazelnut and cocoa filling of Baci Perugina, creating a truly tantalising taste experience.

The new Baci Perugina Limited Edition made with Ruby chocolate will be available exclusively at selected Sainsbury’s stores for three weeks and is part of Nestlé’s drive to set trends and use innovation to offer new, exciting products.

Gillian Nesbitt, Baci Brand Manager at Nestlé UK, said: “We’re excited to be extending the already popular Baci Perugina range here in the UK, and even more excited that we’re able to offer Baci fans a taste of the delicious and innovative Ruby chocolate, which has been loved by consumers since its launch last year.

“The new Baci Perugina Limited Edition with its pink casing is easy on the eye, velvety to the touch and smells delicious, offering an unforgettable taste experience.”

ruby baci perugina candy


Vicky Martin, Chocolate Buyer at Sainsbury’s, said: “We know our customers are huge fans of unique and distinctive products, and Ruby chocolate is the latest trend to hit the UK. These Baci would make perfect gifts for family and friends, or would work well as a stocking filler. They’re only around for a short time, so head in store soon to make sure you get yours!”

The new Ruby Baci Perugina is available from 31st October to 20th November in 260 Sainsbury’s stores nationwide, currently on sale for just £1.50.

The Perugina company was founded in Perugia in Italy in 1907, and Baci Perugina, a foil-wrapped bonbon that contains a whole hazelnut, dates back to 1922. ‘Baci’ means ‘kisses’ in Italian, and each sweet contains a special love note: the Italian way to say “I love you”.

Ruby chocolate was introduced in 2017 by Swiss chocolatier Barry Callebaut, who spent over a decade developing this innovative flavour. Nestlé was the first to launch this fourth type of chocolate – after dark, milk and white – to consumers worldwide and in the UK through KitKat and the new Baci Perugina Limited Edition is the latest Ruby chocolate product released by the company.




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