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Nestlé Fawdon recognised in Dow Jones Sustainability Index

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Box of Fawdon

Nestlé’s Fawdon factory has been recognised by the Dow Jones Sustainability Index for its anaerobic digestion system.

The new facility is credited as helping Nestlé achieve an industry leading score of 99 out of 100 in the 'Environmental Dimension' of the 2015 Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI).

The DJSI is a globally recognised independent benchmark that measures company performance across three dimensions: economic, environmental and social.

Chocolate and sugar waste from the site’s production process is turned into renewable energy and clean water.

The primary by-product of anaerobic digestion is biogas, a renewable gas comprised largely of methane and carbon dioxide.

The biogas produced at Fawdon is burnt to produce enough heat and power to meet about 10% of the site’s overall energy needs. As a result of the heat and power generated from the biogas, Fawdon’s greenhouse gas emissions are expected to fall by about 10%.

As well as generating cleaner energy, the anaerobic digester is also improving the quality of water discharged from the factory, an amount equivalent to 41 Olympic-size swimming pools annually.

The Index also highlighted Nestlé’s zero water factory in Mexico, which is equipped with technology that allows the plant to operate without using any local groundwater.

Nestlé's status as the leading Nutrition, Health & Wellness company was acknowledged with a top score of 100 for Health & Nutrition in the Index, a testament to work done in areas including product innovation and renovation.

Andrew Griffiths, Environmental Sustainability Manager at Nestlé UK and Ireland said:

“This is a great example of how working with key partners to develop and pilot new technologies can deliver solutions which have a positive impact on a range of environmental aspects, whilst also delivering real business benefit. The more we develop, implement and share these type of opportunities, the quicker we can collectively make a real difference to the environmental challenges we face.”

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