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Nestlé unveils Youth Employment Initiative in Europe

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Nestlé has announced plans to help at least 20,000 people across Europe under the age of 30 find employment over the next three years.

The “Nestlé in Europe” Youth Employment Initiative will offer jobs and create thousands of apprentice positions and traineeships by 2016.

As part of the new initiative, further details of which will be announced in September, Nestlé will also encourage its European suppliers to offer a job, apprenticeship or traineeship to young people.

Nurturing the young

“Governments alone cannot resolve the problem of youth unemployment in Europe – companies must play their part,” said Laurent Freixe, Nestlé Executive Vice-President and Zone Director for Europe.

“We are committed to offering a substantial number of young people the opportunity to learn and develop within our company”.

“These new opportunities are the direct result of our continued growth and investment in Europe,” he added.

Investing in Europe

Despite the challenging economic conditions, Nestlé continues to achieve growth and invest in Europe.

Recent investments include a new Nescafé Dolce Gusto factory in the German city of Schwerin, the extension of the Nestlé Professional Davigel factory in Noyal-Pontivy, France, and new manufacturing lines at the Nescafé Dolce Gusto factory in Girona, Spain, to double coffee capsule production.
The roles offered as part of the initiative will be across all the different business areas and at all levels within the company – from operators on the factory floor to sales assistants and business management.

Nestlé is seeking talented young people with vocational skills and training, as well as graduates seeking their first position after university.

As well as the young, Nestlé continues to offer roles to those with many years of experience and to meet the specific needs of its older employees.

As part of the youth employment initiative, new hires will also be offered training and career advice as well as coaching and mentoring by Nestlé colleagues to enable them to be better prepared to enter the future job market.

“We want these jobs and apprenticeships to be the first step on a job ladder in a company that has always recognised the energy, talent and determination of the younger generation,” said Mr Freixe.