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No drama – It’s all about the Llama in latest Smarties shake up

Smarties, Llama Edition on sale from this week exclusively at ASDA
smarties on pink and yellow background
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Move over Unicorns, there is a new trend in town and Nestlé’s Smarties are on the case again with new Smarties, Llama Edition.

These special, limited edition packs of Smarties feature bright llama colours (obviously), and contain a new, unique mix of Smarties in pink, yellow, red and purple, available exclusively at ASDA from this week.

2018 was the year of the Unicorn and trendy apparel, accessories and all kinds of food and drink appeared around the world featuring the pastel hues of the mythical creature. Last spring Nestlé introduced Smarties, Unicorn Edition and the mix of pale pink and blue Smarties turned out to be a huge hit among chocolate lovers, baking aficionados and Instagram influencers alike.

This year it’s all about the llama, a totally different animal (and altogether more real).

Alberto Pisanello, Assistant Brand Manager for Smarties said: “We were quite taken aback by the love for our Unicorn Edition Smarties last year and we want to replicate that success with new Smarties, Llama Edition.

“These packs have really fun designs with vibrant colours and a new mix of Smarties colours that taste every bit as good as Smarties always do. Whether you’re a llama lover, a Smarties fan or maybe even both, you’ll definitely love these.“

New Smarties, Llama Edition is available in ASDA in four different 105g sharing bag designs: Fabullama, No Probllama, Llama Queen and Spectacullama. It will also come in the classic Smarties hexagonal tube (or hexatube as it is known at Nestlé HQ) later this year in independent retailers.

And don’t worry, if you still long for the legend of the Unicorn; ASDA has Smarties Unicorn Edition Easter eggs available for the Easter season right now.

But the good news doesn’t stop here! Everyone’s favourite Orange Smarties will be back in May in a 105g sharing bag available in Poundland, B&M Stores and Home Bargains.

Smarties, Llama Edition is just the latest in a string of 2019 launches from Nestlé Confectionery aimed at giving chocolate and sweet fans just what they want.

Last week, after years of feedback, the Rowntree’s Randoms range was increased to include sharing bags of Squish’ems, Foamies and Sours and, earlier this month, Nestlé unveiled Milkybar Mix Ups, a mixed bag of filled chocolate buttons that brings together milk and white chocolate under the original Milkybar brand for the very first time.



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