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One third of Irish people don't take enough breaks

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  • Over a third of Irish people (34%) say they should take more breaks, according to new research
  • ‘Digital’ and ‘micro’ breaks spent browsing the web (45%) and checking email (46%) are popular ways to break, as well as eating a snack or having a drink such as a coffee (67%)
  • Research reveals the Republic of Ireland’s favourite way to enjoy a KitKat® is by snapping it in half (44%)

27 January 2016 (Dublin)


Irish people cannot find enough time in their day to take the breaks they need, as new research from KitKat revealed. More than one third (34%) of respondents felt they should take more breaks, and cited that ‘too little time’ as the primary reason that they do not take as many breaks as they would like (36%).

The survey points to the importance of breaks for overall wellbeing; Irish people see the benefits of taking a break in order to feel relaxed (70%) and refreshed (61%) and being more productive (33%). Interestingly, regimented work shifts (31%) and fear of wasting time (20%) were among the barriers as to why Irish people felt that they do not take sufficient breaks.

Digital and micro breaks are popular with Irish people with browsing the internet (45%), checking emails (46%) and checking social media (35%) cited as common ways to spend a break. Women are more likely than men to spend their breaks socially by checking social media or chatting with family or friends. Popular ways to spend a break for Irish people included eating a snack or drinking a coffee (67%).

The iconic KitKat® snack is as popular as ever for Irish breakers, with more than three-quarters (78%) of those surveyed saying that they have eaten a KitKat® on their break. When asked, respondents admitted that they have unique rituals in how they eat their KitKat snack. The most popular ways Irish people enjoy a KitKat® are by simply snap the bar in half (44%) with chomping a mouthful (16%) or nibbling (16%) proving equally prevalent ways to enjoy the snack. Reality TV star Kourtney Kardashian recently gave her fans a video demonstration of how she eats her KitKat®, which she released on her website.

To celebrate the variety of ways people enjoy their KitKat®, the brand has launched two new products – the KitKat® 4 Finger Vanilla for ‘stirrers’, and the KitKat® Chunky Extra Chocolate for ‘nibblers’.

Maria McKenna, Marketing Manager at KitKat®, Nestlé Ireland, said: “A simple break during the day can do go a long way to help people feel more relaxed, refreshed and productive at work. It is interesting that our research has revealed that digital or micro breaks are increasing, but the simple ways of enjoying a snack or a coffee are still as important as ever”. 

“We’re pleased that people still regularly enjoy a KitKat as part of their daily break. It’s great to see the many ways in which people enjoy the snack; from nibbling, to stirring, to chomping we look forward to hearing other ways customers eat their bars as part of our new ‘The Break Off’ campaign. With two new variants launching KitKat fans now have more options to choose from as part of their daily break”.

KitKat® continues to be the biggest global confectionery brand. More than 17 billion KitKat® fingers are eaten across the globe each year, with KitKat® bars sold in more countries than any other confectionery brand.

The KitKat® 4 Finger Vanilla and the KitKat® Chunky Extra Chocolate are now available in most Nestlé stockists across the UK and Ireland.


About the research
The research was conducted by ICM on behalf of KitKat®. 2,000 adults were surveyed online between 11 and 15 December 2015. 1,000 Irish adults took part in this survey.

About Nestlé in Ireland
Nestlé Ireland is a subsidiary of Nestlé SA, the world’s leading nutrition, health and wellness Company.   Nestlé has over 70 brands across six categories in the Irish market: beverage, confectionery, cereals, food, petcare and infant nutrition.  Its iconic brands include NESCAFÉ®, KIT KAT®, ROWNTREE’S®, MAGGI® as well as BAKERS® and FELIX® petfood. Nestlé’s product range also includes SMA infant nutrition, which has a manufacturing site at Askeaton, Co Limerick.  Nestlé employs over 700 people in Ireland.