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Happy 80th Birthday Quality Street

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Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without a tree, mince pies, presents and of course a tub of Quality Street.

Since 1936, Nestlé Quality Street has been enjoyed by families across the UK and the sweets’ distinctive jewelled wrappers are as synonymous with the festive period as Father Christmas.

quality street boxes

Quality Street was created by confectioner Harold Mackintosh and was named after J. M. Barrie’s play to reflect the selection’s high quality ingredients. The first assortment was produced 80 years ago in Halifax, where to this very day the sweets are still made.

Nestlé archivist Alex Hutchinson has released Harold Mackintosh’s first designs and flavours of the now world-famous sweets.

Alex said: “This is the first time anyone has seen these records, and we’re excited to be sharing them for Quality Street’s 80th anniversary. The records show just how much thought went into the original assortment, and how Lord Mackintosh was concerned with the same things we are: great sweets, made from great quality ingredients, in beautiful wrappers and a tin or tub you’d want to keep. It’s fascinating to see how the assortment has evolved over the years, but stayed true to the Mackintosh’s original idea.”

Throughout the past 80 years, the selection of chocolates has changed many times, however five of the original sweets still remain in the collection.

This year, the much-loved brand celebrates its 80th birthday and to mark this milestone anniversary, Nestlé has added a new sweet to the collection, Honeycomb Crunch.

The chocolate is the newest addition to the brand since the Milk Chocolate Block was added in 2007 and is the result of research among chocolate lovers.

Jon Smith, the brand’s manager said: “Christmas is a time to celebrate and as this Christmas marks Quality Street’s 80th birthday, we felt it was important to recognise the occasion with a brand new sweet. With its golden wrapper and delicious blend of creamy milk chocolate and honeycomb, our Honeycomb Crunch is an indulgent treat perfect for any celebration. For many families sharing a tub of Quality Street has become a Christmas tradition. Long may this tradition continue for the next 80 years and beyond.”