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Flexitarian inspired, delicious tasting, plant-based and meat-free! Garden Gourmet comes to the UK

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gourmet garden 's range of dishes

Nestlé is bringing a new food brand to the UK, offering delicious and healthy meat-free products for food lovers looking to cut down on meat but not wanting to compromise on taste.

Answering the popular consumer lifestyle trend; flexitarianism, or eating less meat and more plant-based protein, Garden Gourmet offers an exciting variety of scrumptious meat alternatives made with the highest quality ingredients.

The team behind Garden Gourmet went the extra mile to make sure that the range satisfies even the most discerning of taste buds. Nestlé’s chefs and nutritionists have worked together using ingredients we all know and love to develop a range of 12 delicious plant-based products, ranging from meat-free burgers, mince and chicken style pieces to exciting veggie flavours, including quinoa and broccoli bakes and bright beetroot falafel.

Paula Jordan, Managing Director of Nestlé’s UK Food Division said:

“We are incredibly excited to introduce this new delicious food brand into the meat-free category which is one of the most innovative areas in the food segment.

“We find that people want to enjoy a healthier diet and try to eat less meat, but they are sometimes disappointed with the taste. We’ve been working hard to offer something different to consumers and have developed a versatile range of delicious meat-free products packed with flavour to make sure there is no need to compromise on taste ever again.

“We believe that vegetarian cooking is more than just cooking vegetables; it’s about new tastes, flavours and an exciting experience, as well as leading a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

“Meat-free doesn’t have to mean excitement free and Garden Gourmet is here to help revolutionise the vegetarian category by banishing bland and livening up mealtimes with a fantastic range of delicious veggie products.”


All the products within the range are made with no artificial flavours or preservatives.

As well as being delicious, Garden Gourmet’s meat substitute products are a source of protein, which helps muscle mass growth and maintenance as part of a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. They are also a source of fibre.

Additionally, none of the products are high in salt, sugar, fat or saturated fat meaning they have no red labels under the colour-coded nutrition labelling system.

The Garden Gourmet range also meets the salt targets recommended by Government for meat alternatives.

The new products will be available in Sainsbury’s and Ocado from Sunday, 27th May.



For more information please contact:

Nestlé UK Press Office on 020 8667 6005 or email [email protected]


Notes to Editors:

  • Garden Gourmet’s product portfolio consists of 12 products across four meat-free categories:
  1. Familiar Swaps – embrace flexitarianism by treating your taste-buds with a tantalising range of meat-free burgers, available in frozen and chilled
  2. Veggie Creations – a surprising range that consists of vegetables, combined with grains, pulses or cheese, such as Quinoa & Lentil Bakes and Sunny Tomato & Cheese Bakes
  3. Just Ingredients – a range of meat-free ingredients made from plant- based protein and ingredients you know, that are suitable for making a variety of your own vegetarian dishes, like meat-free mince and meat-free chicken pieces
  4. Snack On – an authentic Mezze selection that contains all kinds of falafels with a twist: beetroot falafel, spinach falafel and spicy falafel.

For more information please visit the Garden Gourmet website:

  • All Garden Gourmet online recipes when prepared according to instructions will provide two of your five a day in every serving.
  • Garden Gourmet is a blend of our two major brand values: Garden refers to the freshness of the products; mainly plant-based, and made from ingredients you know and recognize. Gourmet is the international reference for taste. Garden Gourmet simply stands for tasty vegetarian products made from ingredients you know.