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Solgar joins forces with Great Run to promote health and wellness to the masses

Solgar and Great Run logos on gold background with image of many runners' feet across the top
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Leading supplement brand Solgar has announced a three-year partnership to become the Official Wellness Partner of The Great Run Company, the premiere organiser of mass participation sports events in the UK. 

Solgar will bring more than 75 years of experience in formulating gold-standard supplements to bring nutritional education to entrants in the Great Run Series and the Great North Swim.

Great Run organises a host of mass participation events across the country, which motivate individuals to undertake a challenge, and mobilise communities to come together around sport. Their flagship event, the Great North Run in Newcastle, is the biggest half-marathon event in the world with 60,000 participants. Great Run also organise events in Birmingham, Bristol, Manchester, Glasgow and Portsmouth. The Great Run series and the Great North Swim raise millions for charities big and small. 

With this partnership, Solgar aims to connect people who want to feel their best with quality nutritional knowledge so that they have a good foundation for health and performance, both on and off the track. Solgar will be supporting the runners and swimmers taking part in Great Run and Great Swim events to achieve the best possible results throughout their training journey, on race day and in their day-to-day lives. 

For most participants, the journey begins long before they get to the start line. In recognition of their months-long dedication to the challenge, Solgar aims to provide holistic nutritional support every step of the way. From immunity to sleep to joint health, Solgar has a targeted supplement to support any aspect of well-being, empowering participants to get the most out of their Great Run or Great Swim experience, Solgar is there to support participants of all levels of experience and ability on every stage of their journey.

Commenting on the partnership, Helen Davis, Senior Brand Manager at Solgar, said: “This is a great opportunity to invite a new audience to connect with the Solgar brand and benefit from Solgar’s illustrious heritage as a provider of best-in-class nutritional supplements. In collaboration with Great Run, we want to educate racers about the importance of nutrition in fostering well-being from the inside out.”

Nicky Homes, Commercial Director at The Great Run Company, said: “We’re delighted to announce Solgar will become our Official Wellness Partner.

We’re really pleased they will be able to offer our runners and swimmers access to their nutritional support and wellness products as well as professional advice in the run up to and on event day.”

Both Solgar and Great Run are excited about this opportunity to promote well-being, fitness, and community spirit. From immune support to specific health concerns, Solgar has something for everyone in its portfolio of top-notch nutritional supplements. With this partnership, Solgar and Great Run will work together to give runners a fantastic experience on race day and beyond.

About Solgar 
Solgar is a Nestlé Health Science brand that has an award-winning range of more than 370 nutritional supplements and over 75 years of commitment to quality, health & wellness. It remains at the forefront of nutritional science. Retailers include, Holland & Barrett, Sainsburys, Waitrose and independent Health Food Stores and Pharmacies across the UK and Ireland. Visit Solgar UK | Gold Standard Vitamins & Supplements for more information.