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Purina donate half a million meals to pets owned by families in need

Family and puppy
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Nestlé Purina is continuing to help those extra important members of the family; our pets.

The pet food company is giving more than 550,000 meals to cats and dogs owned by families in need across the country.

Nestlé Purina has donated the meals to Community Shop, a supermarket which sells food to its members at discounted rates. Purina's donation will help to feed much-loved pets in families who might otherwise have to make the choice between feeding their children or feeding their cats and dogs.

Andrew Leitch, Supply Chain Director, Purina UK & Northern Region said: "We know how important feline friends and canine companions are to the wellbeing of families and how much a part of the family unit they truly are. In recent times, many pet owners have been relying on their pets as a source of comfort and friendship more than ever. And while no child should go hungry, neither should any pet.

"We are delighted to be able to make this donation to Community Shop. We hope it will mean families don't have to make any difficult choices about feeding themselves or their pets during these particularly difficult times."


Notes to editors

About Community Shop

  • Community Shop is an award-winning social enterprise and the UK's first social supermarket chain. It was founded in 2013 by the country's largest redistribution organisation, Company Shop Group.
  • Community Shop helps to build stronger individuals and more confident communities by providing thousands of individuals and families with access to high-quality and heavily discounted food and products, alongside offering life-changing personal development support.
  • Membership to Community Shop is open to those who live locally, receive welfare support and are motivated to make a positive difference to their lives. It provides immediate food access and support to those who need it most but can often afford it least.
  • It operates a network of five deep-impact social supermarket, including in London, South Yorkshire, North East Lincolnshire and the North West.  
    • The food brought and taken home by Community Shop members last year alone helped to create more than 30 million meals.
    • Members saved £212 on average on food per month by shopping at Community Shop.
    • 6,259 households have engaged with Community Shop over the last five years.
  • Find out more about Community Shop here:

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