Nestlé CEO learns about gluten free cereals at Merseyside factory

Stefano Agostini at the Bromborough factory
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Gluten-free cereal production was on the agenda when the Chief Executive for Nestlé UK & Ireland visited the cereal factory in Merseyside.

CEO Stefano Agostini met staff at the Bromborough factory which makes Cheerios and Go Free on Friday (1 November).

Mr Agostini was given a tour of the factory by CPW Regional Vice President UKA Gharry Eccles and factory manager Martin Devane.

The factory in Bromborough makes the gluten-free range, Go Free, and since its launch in 2014 has made the equivalent of 233 million breakfast servings. As part of the Step up to the Plate campaign, the team have been reducing the amount of food waste produced in Cheerios saving 4.5 million breakfast servings a year going to waste.

Stefano Agostini at the Bromborough factory

Nestlé Cereals has been reformulating recipes for more than a decade, reducing sugar and salt while increasing levels of whole grain. Additionally, every Nestlé cereal with the green banner now contains at least eight grams of whole grain per serving and has whole grain as the number one ingredient with the majority high in fibre.

Mr Agostini said: "It was great to the team at the Cereal Partners in Bromborough and I would like to thank Gharry Eccles and his team for hosting us at the factory. It was a great opportunity to meet our incredibly hard working people making our cereal brands and learn more about the gluten-free production.”