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Nestlé up at home with KitKats delivered to your door

KitKat and Azera on Deliveroo
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You can now have KitKats delivered directly to your door, just like your favourite takeaway. 

Nestlé has joined forces with Deliveroo’s Essentials delivery platform to make sure you can still get some of your favourite items without the need to pop to the shop. 

Now you can order a variety of chocolate, sweets or snacks, including KitKat two finger bars, Fruit Pastilles and San Pellegrino. You can also have instant coffee delivered to your door within minutes with tins of Nescafé Azera or Nescafé Cappuccino sachets. 

All of this with just a few clicks on the app. 

The deliveries are available from 11 Deliveroo Edition sites in Leeds, London, Manchester and Nottingham. 

Alexandre Manoukian, e-commerce lead for Nestlé Professional, said: “With people not able to just pop to the shop as easily on their lunch break for their favourite drink or snack, it made complete sense for us to be able to work with Deliveroo to bring it directly to their door. 

“Deliveroo offer a completely contactless delivery so it means even those having to self-isolate can enjoy a well-deserved treat.” 

Arabella Jenkins at Deliveroo said: "When you can't justify popping to the shop just for a KitKat to get you through the final hours of your working day, Deliveroo is here to deliver a range of Nestlé snacks and drinks to your door in as little as under 30 minutes."