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Intro-juicing… Rowntree’s Randoms Juicers!

rowntrees randoms juicers
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Nestlé’s confectionery team in York have welcomed a new addition of its ever popular Rowntree’s Randoms brand as it continues to grow in the fruit sugar confectionery sector.

New Rowntree’s Randoms Juicers, available in a sharing bag, are full of soft jammy liquid centres, with each jelly providing a fruity hit whilst maintaining the famous Randoms variety.

Rowntree's Brand Manager Meg Miller said: “This one is for the Rowntree's Randoms superfans. They told us, we’ve listened and we’ve given them a whole sharing bag of Juicers to enjoy with their friends and family. Our Randoms Juicers come in two flavours, each soft fruity jelly is filled with a jammy liquid centre and comes in and loads of fun shapes.”

Bright and bold packaging, in line with the recent Rowntree’s Randoms rebrand, create a beacon in the busy confectionery aisle so shoppers can easily locate their favourite fruit sugar confectionery.

The new sharing bag of Juicers join the existing line up of Squish’ems, Foamies and Sours, which joined the Rowntree’s Randomsfamily earlier this year.

Rowntree’s Randoms contain no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

Rowntree’s Randoms Juicers Sharing Bag 140g are currently available from ASDA.



  • For more information, please contact the Nestlé UK press office at [email protected] or call us on 020 8667 6005.
  • Rowntree’s Randoms are also available as:
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  • Rowntree’s are the nation’s fruity favourite, with more single tubes of Fruit Pastilles sold than any other fruit confectionery product in the UK. In fact, our products are enjoyed by 15 million people every year!
  • Nestlé is the world’s largest food and beverage company.
    With more than 2000 brands ranging from global icons to local favourites, we are present in 191 countries around the world. – Follow our UK and Ireland team Follow us on Twitter @NestleUKI