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Gimme five! KitKat® reveals new look for its iconic bar

The new KitKat five-finger bar, with the fifth finger slightly shorter.
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It’s the snack that’s famous for its fingers – and as KitKat fans would agree, those crispy wafer bars are hard to top. 

Until now.   

Today, KitKat unveils its latest innovation – the five-finger bar. You heard us right, the classic 4-finger bar has been given a thumbs up, literally with the addition of a KitKat thumb!   

To honour the momentous occasion and show commitment to the new handy shape, the brand is changing its iconic tagline. ‘Have a Break, have a KitKat’ is to be replaced with ‘Take five! Take a KitKat’, signalling the dawn of a new, thumb-filled era.   

KitKat Head of Innovative Twists, Katherine Barr, said: “This twist on our classic KitKat has been years in the making, so we are thrilled to finally share our prized five-fingered KitKat. As fans of the brand know, our bar comes in 2 and 4-finger varieties, so we thought, why not make a full fist of it? We like to call the fifth finger in our KitKat Thumb, and we have to hand it to ourselves, we think we’ve scored a winner here. I’d like to give a big high five to the development team behind this revolutionary idea and would encourage everyone to take five out of their day to try the new bar.” 

KitKat Chief Waferologist, James Crisp, was involved in the development of the new KitKat five-finger bar: “I’m ready to take five after this intense development period that has seen us deliver the new KitKat five-finger bar. I’m proud of what a great product the team has created and I’m keen to hear what chocolate fans make of the new design.” 

The new five-finger bar is due to hit shelves everywhere later this month. Initial taste testing confirmed that the bar tastes the same as the 4-finger one, with the main difference being that it takes people slightly longer to eat, helping them to take five out of their day.  

Taking regular breaks during the day can help to improve concentration, productivity, and over all well-being. As a general rule of thumb, experts recommended taking a five-to-ten-minute break every hour.  

Katherine Barr added: “With this exciting product launch, we’re also thrilled to announce the arrival of our latest Global campaign – ‘Take Five!’ which will not only highlight the bar’s new look, but the importance of having a break throughout the day, even if it’s just five minutes!”