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“Expect more from every cup”. New Nescafé Gold Blend campaign showcases that sustainability is at the heart of the brand

A cup of coffee in someone's hands, inside the cup is a farm landscape
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Nescafé, the UK’s largest coffee brand, launches “Expect more from every cup”, a new campaign under Nescafe Gold Blend that aims to show how the brand focuses on sustainability from the farmers who grow coffee, to the way coffee is produced, packaged, and used. 

The campaign launches in the UK on 6th March and highlights some of the brand’s sustainability achievements: 100% responsibly sourced coffee used in all Nescafé products made in the UK, the use of coffee grounds to help power the Nescafé factory in Derbyshire and the launch of a soft pack to refill glass jars.

Over the last decade, Nescafé has worked to make coffee farming practices more sustainable around the globe through the Nescafé Plan. Building on those efforts, the brand launched the Nescafé Plan 2030 in which it defined its sustainability vision for the next decade – to help coffee farmers transition to regenerative agriculture practices and in doing so, aiming at reducing the greenhouse gas emissions and improve farmers’ livelihoods. With 6,000 cups of Nescafé consumed every second, the brand is committed to using its scale and reach to ensure it can make a positive impact in people’s lives and the planet, from farm to cup.

Sophie Demoulin, Marketing Director for Nescafé Soluble Coffee at Nestlé UK and Ireland, said: “This new Nescafé Gold Blend campaign brings sustainability to the forefront of our communications. We want to take consumers on a journey and show them the sustainability behind their cup of Nescafé, from the way quality coffee is grown, to how it’s produced, packaged, and delivered. “Expect more from every cup” means we are committed to making a positive impact on coffee farmers’ lives as well as on the planet”.  

The Gold Blend campaign will air on TV and Broadcast Video on demand on ITV, Sky and Channel 4 as well as digital channels such as YouTube, Meta platforms and Pinterest from the 6th of March.

In addition to the campaign, Nescafé is also announcing the launch of a new brand tagline. Nescafé’s communications worldwide will now be signed with “Make your world” to inspire consumers to make a difference for themselves, their communities, and the planet.

Watch the new Nescafé Gold Blend “Expect more from every cup” TV ad.

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