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Nestlé begins electric shunter trial in York

Two Nestlé colleagues stand in front of an electric shunter which is being trialled on the York site
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Nestlé UK & Ireland has launched a trial of an electric shunter at its York site.  

Nestlé predominantly uses diesel shunters across its UK sites to facilitate the flow of goods and trailers. Switching to electric shunters permanently would reduce the company’s carbon footprint and be a step forward on its journey to net zero.  

The Gaussin Electric Shunter, which is being used in the two-week trial, features battery-swap technology as well as the facility to charge opportunely. The ability to switch between charging methods ensures the electric shunter can be available on-demand across the dynamic, operational site.  

Transport Project Specialist at Nestlé UK and Ireland, Joe Hurst, has been working closely with the physical logistics teams to bring the trial to life: “We’ve just begun a two-week trial of a Gaussin Electric Shunter through its sole UK importer Compact EV."  

“It’s an excellent opportunity to explore the use of electric vehicles on Nestlé’s York campus and has an important part to play in our Sustainability Roadmap and our journey towards net zero.”  

“Getting the trial up and running wasn’t without its challenges. This is new technology to the York site, and we had to ensure the safe implementation of the trial without impacting day-to-day operations. The physical logistics team has been key to ensuring the trial runs smoothly and of course, our shunter drivers who have undertaken new training and will be driving the electric vehicle throughout.”   

“I would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who has been involved in this project so far. I hope everyone is as excited as I was to see the vehicle in action on site.” 

This trial is just one of many ways that Nestlé is looking to reduce its carbon footprint. Earlier this year, the company switched 75% of its owned fleet of trucks from diesel to Bio-LNG, a liquefied gas that is a by-product of waste. In May, Nestlé also unveiled plans to increase freight capacity on trains to allow the double-stacking of its products.  

In addition to the trial at York, Nestlé currently has one electric shunter vehicle in operation at its Cereals sites in Bromborough, facilitating the movement of raw materials, packaging, and finished goods. 

Nestlé has been exploring solutions to reduce its carbon emissions in its transport and logistics network since 2017. The move is another valuable step towards Nestlé's commitment to halve its emissions by 2030 and reach net zero by 2050. 

For more information about the work that Nestlé is doing in this area, visit Rethinking our operations | Nestlé UK & Ireland (

An electric shunter being driven on Nestlé's York site


About Nestlé in York

Nestlé’s Haxby Road site is home to several of the company’s key functions; its confectionery headquarters, distribution centre and global research
and development facility; and the factory which produces KitKat. Shunters are used across the site to move finished goods and trailers between key
locations like factories and warehouses.  

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Nestlé UK press office: [email protected] / 020 8667 6005. 
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