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Nespresso celebrates partnership with Change Please in immersive experience at Outernet London

nespresso celebrates partnership

Earlier this year, Nespresso committed a minimum of £1 million to support social enterprise, Change Please, by helping people who are experiencing homelessness through the power of employment and great tasting coffee.

Together, both brands have launched a week-long immersive exhibition at Outernet London, highlighting the realities of those experiencing homelessness as well as sharing the positive experiences of those who have been supported by Change Please.

nespress change please

Taking over London’s most pioneering display space, the exhibition features cutting-edge audio and video tackling the stigma around the experience of homelessness.

The immersive experience includes a poignant perspective of someone sitting on the ground to visually represent how homelessness feels. Later the view is raised up to symbolize hope and the ambition of the two brands to end homelessness for good.

The installation was launched to the public at the Tottenham Court Road venue last Friday, with a star-studded array of guests, influencers, supporters of the brand and social enterprise as well as Nespresso and Change Please employees.


Gail Porter, Television personality and supporter of Change Please, said:

Having had direct experience with homelessness, knowing that there is support with daily challenges and getting back into work is absolutely crucial for many to feel they can have a second shot at life. The Nespresso for Change Please partnership means more support for those who truly need it, and doing this through the power of coffee means that coffee lovers across the UK and Ireland support this cause too."
people with coffe

Anna Lundstrom, CEO, Nespresso UK & ROI, said: 

Outernet London’s world-leading exhibition is the perfect place to launch our partnership and we are extremely proud to play our part in supporting Change Please to help build understanding around these important societal issues. Together, we can raise awareness of the brilliant work that Change Please delivers within UK communities. By harnessing coffee as a force for good, change is truly possible.”

Cemal Ezal OBE, Founder and CEO of Change Please, said:

The Nespresso for Change Please campaign is a remarkable opportunity to amplify our work and mission of helping people experiencing homelessness through the power of coffee. We are deeply grateful for this partnership, which allows us to spotlight this critical issue on a grand scale. Our hope is that this campaign inspires everyone to join our movement and contribute, whether in big or small ways, to make a meaningful difference in people’s lives. Homelessness is something that can affect everyone and it takes us all to be part of the solution.”
cup of coffee nespresso
cup of coffe in hand

In addition, the multisensory event also includes a Nespresso for Change Please coffee van, where visitors can purchase Nespresso for Change Please co-branded coffee blends. The coffees will be available to purchase through Nespresso boutiques and online.

The immersive experience is on display at the Outernet until Saturday 6th July – catch it while you can!

To find out more about the partnership, visit the Nespresso website.