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Oct 11, 2016

Nestlé joins Hubbub to kick start paper cups social experiment  


Nestlé UK is joining environment charity Hubbub as well as other coffee cup retailers and designers to kick off a brand new social experiment designed to tackle the challenge of recycling paper cups.

The #1MoreShot campaign calls on the people of Manchester to recycle their coffee cups and is the first high street recycling scheme of its kind in the UK. Over three months, eleven giant bins in the shape of coffee cups will be placed up and down Oxford Road, one of Manchester’s busiest streets. The bins are intended to collect paper cups alone and these will then be recycled.

Nestlé’s involvement is part of its commitment to find solutions to recycle and recover paper cups and, through the project, it is hoped that Hubbub and partners will reduce paper cup waste and save 20,000 cups from going to landfill by recycling them into new products. 

This project tests a new way of reducing paper cup waste and those collected will create 33,000 plastic flower pot holders to be used in community gardens around the city. Hubbub have partnered with Groundwork and Manchester City Council, along with coffee retailers, to redistribute the recycled products to benefit the local community and the environment.


For more information, please contact Nestlé Press Office on 020 8667 6005 [email protected]




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