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New gym for Nestlé York following further investment

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A new employee gym is the centrepiece of further improvements at Nestlé’s York campus on the city’s Haxby Road. The addition forms part of Nestlé’s wellness strategy and will give employees access to onsite health and fitness facilities 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The upgrade comes on top of the investment revealed earlier in the year when improvements including a new employee restaurant were unveiled at the site.

The gym will open in the coming months for the exclusive use of employees from across Nestlé’s York campus, including the factory and office workers and those based at Nestlé’s Product Technology Centre, the global R&D headquarters for confectionery.

It will come complete with changing rooms, fitness studio and wellbeing rooms and forms part of a wider refurbishment that will see renovated toilets, upgraded heating and lighting and new meeting areas on the building’s ground floor.

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June Clark, Health and Wellbeing Manager based at Nestlé House, said: “This type of facility is the natural next step in our strategy to help our employees look after their health and wellness during and around the working day. It has been the number one request from my colleagues and I am really pleased that we have been able to invest further in employee wellbeing in this way.

“This is the perfect addition to the many initiatives we already have in place at Nestlé to help employees manage their health. We offer a flexible working environment, readily available advice and education on a range of topics including diet, exercise and mental health and we provide comprehensive employee wellness checks through our partnership with Nuffield. It is something that is very important to us as an employer and we will continue to find effective ways to invest in this area.

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