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Nestlé packages up a new apprenticeship

Nestlé introduces a new Professional Degree Apprenticeship specialising in packaging
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Earlier this year, the BBC’s landmark series Blue Planet II, narrated by Sir David Attenborough, showed the devastating impact that single use plastic pollution is having on the planet’s oceans, firmly into the mainstream, where it has remained ever since.

In April this year, Nestlé announced its ambition that all of its packaging will be reusable or recyclable by 2025 – and recently joined 250 other organisations, in signing The New Plastics Economy Global Commitment. Keen to help create a sustainable future, Nestlé is looking at ways to improve its packaging and work towards the 2025 ambition.

Packaging is absolutely vital to companies like Nestlé:

  • It is used to protect products in a safe and secure way to make sure there is no risk of contamination or product deterioration.
  • Different products require different types of packaging and so there is no one-size-fits-all approach.
  • Packaging is also crucial in displaying nutritional information and other messages that consumers should be aware of including allergy warnings, weights and prices.
  • Packaging needs to be as affordable, lightweight, and easy to transport as possible.
  • In the future, however, packaging needs to achieve all of these things while having a close to zero impact on the environment.

Are you up for this BIG challenge?

Nestlé Academy offers exceptional learning and development opportunities by tapping into expertise from across the Nestlé business. Our Academy employees are given responsibility from day one and work on projects that contribute to the business and industry as a whole. This year, there is a new apprenticeship on offer that recognises the challenge ahead when it comes to packaging. The Packaging Professional Degree Apprenticeship will help to tackle many of these issues that companies like Nestlé need to overcome.

The successful candidates will be keen to jump in and learn all about the subject, while bringing their own exciting ideas to challenge current thinking and look at issues from a different perspective. It is a tremendously exciting four-year apprenticeship, with the aim to develop the successful candidates into a packaging professionals who will make a significant contribution to achieving Nestlé’s ambitions in this space.

Bruce Fennell, Head of Packaging, Nestlé Confectionery PTC "Our new Packaging Professional Degree Apprenticeship is a chance to work on one of the most pressing issues of our times. We must transform our packaging systems in the coming years, and with this degree you will be part of an innovative team tasked with rising to the challenge. There has never been a more exciting time to join the industry and contribute to a more sustainable future for all."

Nestlé Academy, stretches across the whole of Nestlé’s operations in the UK and Ireland and offers a chance to develop skills and gain experience in a vibrant global business. The Academy offers exceptional learning and development opportunities through a number of different routes.

Applications are open currently for internships, apprenticeships and graduate placements, including the new Packaging Professional Degree Apprenticeship.

Find out more at Nestlé Academy UK website.