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Lights, camera… Confectionery!

katie lloyd nestle confectionery apprentice for cosmopolitan filming

Nestlé UK and Ireland has over 140 apprentices across a variety of business areas like Marketing, Engineering, Supply Chain and even Packaging. Apprenticeship, graduate and internship schemes in Nestlé UK and Ireland are organised through the youth recruitment focused, Nestlé Academy.

Nestlé Academy focuses on attracting young talent to the business, providing learning and development opportunities across different career routes, helping to develop skills and gaining experience across the business in many areas.

katie lloyd nestle confectionery apprentice

Katie Lloyd is a Confectionery Apprentice at Nestlé, splitting time across the Innovation and Renovation Kitchen in York, her degree studies and in Nestlé’s factory in Fawdon, Newcastle. Her role involves a combination of science and traditional confectioners/chocolatiers skills. In the kitchen she works on new flavours focusing on getting the right levels and combinations of flavours, testing if they work; if they could be made in a factory, checking the nutritional value and most importantly if they taste good! In the factory, she gets to help her ideas come to life, planning trials for the new products. She also visited the Halifax factory, home of last Christmas’ inside the factory special, after helping to work on the Honeycomb Crunch Quality Street that came out last Christmas.

Recently Katie was part of a series organised by Cosmopolitan and the Department for Education highlighting the importance of apprenticeships and the interesting apprenticeships on offer in the UK. She spent a day in front of the camera, dishing out fun facts about creating chocolate bars at Nestlé and trying not to share all the secret chocolate recipes she is currently working on!

Katie, “It was an amazing opportunity to do filming with Cosmopolitan, it’s something I never imagined doing but so grateful I got the chance! I’m not really ever the one to be centre stage and normally behind the scenes in the kitchen and factory so I was quite nervous to start off with. But gradually I started to relax and loved every minute of it! I’m so happy to play a part in promoting apprenticeships and show off slightly with my amazing job!”

Head over to Cosmopolitan for the article and video, “I invent new chocolate bars for a living”.

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