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Fans celebrate 100th with fresh and fruity goodies

betty with 100th birthday greeting card from rowntrees and elizabeth with 100th birthday greeting card from rolo

Chances are if you contact Nestlé UK and Ireland with an enquiry, it will be picked up by the Consumer Engagement Services team, they deal with day-to-day enquiries from our consumers. Twitter, phone, email, carrier pigeon, you name it they sit in our York HQ and respond. Recently, two enquiries came in on behalf of some of our older fans of some of our oldest brands, Polo and Rowntrees.

The first message was from the family of Betty Carpenter. Betty spent much of her life in Yorkshire and although now lives further south, she always talks with pride about Rowntrees and her memories of their contributions to York, particularly the housing the Rowntrees provided. Her family say Fruit Pastilles are always on the shopping list for Betty and so they contacted Nestlé to see if they could help commemorate Betty’s 100th birthday.

The second message the team received was from a care home contacting us to say that Elizabeth Webb, a big Polo fan who lives in their home, was turning 100 and asked if there was anything Polo could do to help her celebrate. Polo itself celebrated its 70th birthday only last year and so were keen to share in the celebrations.

Both Betty and Elizabeth were sent a little box of goodies full of their favourites with a personalised birthday card to mark the occasion.

rowntrees and rolo 100th bithday personalised greeting cards

Betty’s family got in contact to say, “Hello, I just wanted to update you that my Nan had a lovely 100th birthday. She was absolutely thrilled to receive your parcel and birthday wishes. She and her fellow residents were all completely blown away by your creativity, they all thought it was marvellous. She has asked me to thank you on her behalf. Thanks again for your interest and kindness, all the very best from the entire family xxx”.

Elizabeth Webb’s carer said, “Thank you so much for the presents, she loved them! You’re all super kind! You made one 100 year old lady, very, very, happy!!! X”.

Tom McDermott, who works in the Digital Team and picked up the initial messages, says, “It is always nice to hear from fans of our products and it is always a highlight of the job when we get to do something nice for lifelong fans of our products. It was great to receive the photos of Betty and Elizabeth and when we saw them it put a smile on the faces of everyone at the office”.

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