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Jun 15, 2018

A Quality History

quality street packages

Quality Street fans have a treat in store this weekend if they visit the Bankfield Museum in Halifax. The Bankfield, who hold the world’s largest collection of Quality Street packaging and memorabilia, are holding a special exhibition of sweets to celebrate the town’s sweetest industry.

Halifax has been known as Toffee Town for over a hundred years, and the Mackintosh’s toffee factory (now owned by Nestlé) is still making toffees and chocolates at the rate of a billion a year.

Rarities on show at the exhibition include a 1930s dress made entirely from 1930s Quality Street paper; the original 1936 Quality Street tins that launched the brand; and artwork from classic ads. Visitors will be able to watch previously unseen footage of the toffee factory as it is now, making Quality Street in high definition.

Alex Hutchinson, the Nestlé UK Archivist and Historian said: “This is such an exciting opportunity for the public to see things that are usually hidden away. Not only can they get a glimpse behind the scenes at how Quality Street is made in this newly released film, but they can find out about this history of Toffee Town before Quality Street was launched and learn the stories of the men and women who pioneered Yorkshire toffee.”

The exhibition, which runs until October, is free to the public.

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