Winning KitKat from the Hairy Bikers Chocolate Challenge is now on sale through the Nestlé Chocolatory!

The final of the Hairy Bikers Chocolate Challenge has just aired on Channel 5 – and the winning KitKat creation from contestant Ian Hofmeister is now available to buy!

The Channel 5 five-part series hosted by Dave Myers and Si King featured seven amateur chocolatiers going head-to-head to create, brand and name their own confectionery in a series of tasks, judged by UK World Chocolate Master Ruth Hinks and Nestlé Confectionery marketing experts.

From designing milk chocolate-based sculptures that represented their hometowns, to aerated chocolate and a sharing tin of bonbons based on classic desserts, the contestants rustled up some amazing creations throughout the series - as well as a few inevitable chocolate calamities along the way.

The grand final saw contestants Ian and Karl competing for the ultimate prize – to create a KitKat that Nestlé would produce commercially. Ian Hofmeister was crowned the winner of the series. His Moroccan-inspired bar, which has a fig and cardamom-flavoured filling, covered in milk chocolate and topped with pistachios and rose petals, is now available to buy through KitKat Chocolatory:

Watch Ian recreate his winning bar in the Nestlé Innovation Kitchen with Senior Chocolatier Vikki Geall here:

Amateur Chocolatier - Winner

Congratulations Ian from everyone at Nestlé!