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Why we are making it easier to recycle

Nestlé York turns green for UK Recycle Week

It’s UK Recycle Week, a nationwide consumer campaign which aims to increase awareness of all things recycling. Here at Nestlé we are supporting the campaign because we feel passionately about recycling, and increasing rates is vital if we are going to create a viable circular economy. That means an economy where we design out waste and pollution, keep products and materials in use (through recycling and re-using) and regenerating our natural systems. To learn more about the Circular Economy we recommend checking out the handy guide from the Ellen McArthur Foundation. Here are a few ways we are making it easier to recycle and reduce waste.

  • Recycling Nespresso capsules
    Our Nespresso capsules are made of aluminium which, not only keeps the coffee fresh for the perfect coffee experience, but also means they can be recycled. Aluminium is infinitely recyclable which is why 75% of all aluminium in use today is recycled aluminium. The aluminium in the Nespresso capsules is re-used for drink cans, car parts and even a stylish Swedish bicycle with a feel good factor! Where possible we also turn old capsules into new Nespresso Vertuo capsules. The spent coffee too is re-used and here in the UK it is used as a compost.
    Every single Nespresso and Starbucks by Nespresso capsule that is sent to us for recycling will go back into the circular economy. Watch our film to discover the different ways to recycle your capsules.
  • Paper packaging
    We are introducing paper packaging! Our global R&D confectionery centre, based in York has developed the first recyclable paper packaging capable of being used in a high-speed ‘flow wrap’ packaging line. Before the breakthrough, these machines were only able to process plastic film or laminates. The invention is now being utilised for our scrumptious new YES! range of fruit and nut bars.
  • On site recycling at all our sites
    Recycling is everyone’s responsibility; at all our sites across the UK we have made it as simple as possible for all Nestlé people and our visitors to recycle easily. Whether it’s introducing reusable packaging for take away food in our on-site restaurants, introducing a 5p charity donation on single use paper cups to nudge reusable coffee cups take-up, or ensuring that all plastic bottles consumed on site are recycled. All 4,200 Nestlé facilities worldwide, including all our factories, warehouse, offices and boutiques in the UK & Ireland are eliminating single-use plastic items that cannot be recycled.
  • Making it easier to recycle on the go
    It’s is not just at Nestlé sites and in the home where we are encouraging recycling, we are thrilled to support engaging and inventive on-the-move recycling schemes like Leeds by Example and Swansea in the Loop.
UK Recycle Week
  • Coming soon – the bio bottle!
    To help achieve our goal of making 100% of our packaging recyclable or reusable by 2025 we have embarked on several exciting research and development projects. One of them is the NaturAll Bottle Alliance, which aims to develop 100% bio-based PET to be used for our water business. The Alliance uses biomass feedstocks, such as previously used cardboard and sawdust, so it won’t divert resources or land from food production for human or animal consumption.
  • Fences and benches
    We make park benches and sturdy fences with Nestlé confectionery and Nescafé Dolce Gusto pods – UK consumers are now able to use the CollectPlus system to return their used pods at more than 7,500 outlets across the country. Visit the Nescafé Dolce Gusto pages to see how you can do your bit. Our confectionery partnership with Terracycle has collected nearly 75,000 Nestlé confectionery wrappers to be recycled - and those numbers are continuing to grow. The plastic collected in both schemes is shredded, heated and put into moulds to make items such as benches and garden furniture.