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Vocational Skills Week 2019 @ Nestlé

Nestlé Academy students

Want to get an insight what it’s really like to work at Nestlé? From our latest initiative in packaging, to our commitment to sustainability, this week our social media channels will be taken over by some of our apprentices.

Nestlé UK and Ireland are marking VET week with some of our people who have entered the business through a VET programme taking over our social platforms. First up on Monday is Eoghan, who has recently started the new Packaging Apprenticeship at Nestlé, followed by an event takeover in Huddersfield, then a sustainability event in Gatwick on Wednesday and finally a takeover by an Operations Degree Apprentice.

In the UK and Ireland, we develop vocational skills in many ways:

  • With Nestlé Academy, providing learning and development opportunities through a number of different routes, with the focus on developing skills and experience.
  • We work with First Milk on the Next Generation Leaders programme developing young farmers, helping to identify and develop the next generation of dairy leaders. They are the so-called ‘agripreneurs’ whose innovative thinking and vision will shape the industry for decades to come.
  • Running skills workshops across the UK and Ireland, helping young people develop their skills and helping them into employment and holding CV workshops, a recent partnership with Upreach has seen days held at our York and Gatwick offices in the UK where Nestlé employees volunteer their time to share their skills and experience.

Look out on Nestlé Academy social channels for an insight into working at Nestlé and a view into life at our various sites across the UK & Ireland. Follow Nestlé UK & Ireland social for interviews showing what it is like to be on a VET programme at Nestlé UK & Ireland, and view into what Nestlé globally can offer to those interested in vocational learning opportunities.

Follow our social media this week to learn more:

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European Vocational Skills week is an annual initiative from the European Commission to raise the awareness and attractiveness of vocational education and training (VET). The week aims to make VET more attractive through a combination of events taking place all over Europe - locally, regionally and nationally. It seeks to show the immense opportunities that VET can provide for young people, adults, and companies.