Staying connected with colleagues

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This week brings the prospect of indoor reunions and (cautious) cuddles with friends and family as the pandemic restrictions we’ve lived under for more than a year are lifted even further.

But for those working in office environments, many will continue working from home for now and those that do return to the office will find plenty of empty desks and strict social distancing rules.

The relationships we have with colleagues have always been an important part of working life and, with the last year being a year like no other, many of us have needed to adapt to new ways of staying connected with our work best friends.

It has taken some time to get used to the change from regularly spending eight hours a day at the office, having lunch with our workmates and face to face meetings with colleagues to working from home every day. With this, the importance of keeping in touch with the people we would normally see and speak to daily has been stronger than ever, and not just on a professional level.

At Nestlé UK & Ireland, our office-based colleagues from across the business have continued to support each other, so we caught up with some of them to find out how they have stayed connected during these unprecedented times…