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Shreddie for The Simple One?

shreddies cereal box

A new breakfast cereal has been launched by Nestlé Cereals with just four ingredients. 

Shreddies The Simple One is made from whole grain wheat, fruit puree, date syrup and a pinch of salt with 5% less sugar. It is a non-HFSS (high in fat, sugar or salt) product, contains no refined sugar and is free from artificial colours and flavours. 

Toby Baker, Regional Marketing Director UKA – Nestlé Cereals, said: “We know that consumers are looking to eat more healthily, especially following the pandemic. Shreddies The Simple One is an exciting new addition to the breakfast table that caters to growing demand, with a delicious taste consumers will love. With increased interest in low sugar options, it offers retailers an opportunity to appeal to new consumers while driving sales.”

“The launch of Shreddies The Simple One also marks a milestone in our promise to make breakfast better. While we are on an ongoing reformulation journey, having reduced average sugar in our products by 20.6% since 2010, this launch highlights our new innovative approach to NPD, in which we are not just reducing negative nutrients, but starting with less – just four ingredients in this case. Being a non-HFSS and all green traffic light product, it also supports our wider commitment to ensuring the majority of our cereals are non-HFSS by the end of 2021.”