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One Young World 2019

ONE Young World

22nd October - Opening Ceremony

Today marks the beginning of the One Young World summit in London. With over 2,000 delegates from over 190 countries in attendance alongside influential councillors from media, business, entertainment and humanitarian leaders.

The summit aims to empower future leaders in the pressing issues the world is facing, providing four transformative days of speeches, panels, networking and workshops to do this. One Young World first started in London in 2010, with previous summits held in Zurich, Pittsburgh, Johannesburg, Dublin, Bangkok, Ottawa, Bogotá and The Hague. Returning to London in 2019, the opening ceremony was held at the Royal Albert Hall on the 22nd October with Warrick Davis, Megan Markel, Ellie Goulding and Jay Sean all there to show their support.

In attendance at this year’s One Young World are five passionate individuals from Nestlé:

  • Alicia Gardner - A Commerical Degree Apprentice
  • Daisy Thompson - A Sales Graduate
  • Edmée Scholte - Felix Brand Manager
  • Amber Harms - Creating Shared Value Specialist (Nestlé Netherlands)
  • Lucy Appleby - Digital and Social Media Manager
One Young World speaker

23rd October - Day one

Day one of the OYW summit had a packed schedule covering a multitude of topics, from plastic in the ocean to mental health to climate change and was supported by many infamous councillors, including Bob Geldof, Ellie Goulding and Sir John Major. Nestlé's five representatives were amongst the collection of delegates in various talks between Westminster Hall and the Queen Elizabeth II Centre today:

Amber Harms, CSV Specialist: “Already after the first day of One Young World 2019 I feel more than ever the need to get a better balance between people, planet and profit in place. Our generation knows that money should not be the ultimate goal, it’s a tool. We’re in the middle of this transition and I am more than ever driven to work with this fresh perspective to create a better (business) environment together.”

Daisy Thompson, Sales Graduate: “Day one of OYW has already felt like four days in one with an agenda so packed you can hardly gasp for breath (in a good way!). A real highlight for me was listening to the discussion between Douglas Booth and the 12th Director General of the UN, Michael Mollan, about the refugee crisis. The key takeaway for me is that it is only by coincidence that we, in the UK, find ourselves in a safe country, and it could very easily be us fleeing our homes - consequently we must ensure we treat others like we would want to be treated. This has prompted me to think about how corporations can better step in to assist with the current humanitarian crisis.”

One Young World founders

Lucy Appleby, Digital and Social Media Manager: "Day one of OYW was amazing, with lots of great speakers. As someone who studied Anthropology it was a dream to hear and see Jane Goodall, listening to her story and the challenges and choices she has made on her journey left me truly inspired. I assumed that would be the highlight of my day but swiftly after I was introduced to young political leaders, social entrepreneurs and activists from around the world who have made a massive impact in their local areas and found innovative solutions to problems. Truly incredible."

Alicia Gardner, Commercial Degree Apprentice: "My week so far at OYW has been incredible. The opportunity to share my passion and connect with people from across our world has not only been enriching but also educational. I feel energised, empowered, excited and proud to be me and stand for my values, morals and beliefs. My quote of the day is 'The strongest branches have the deepest routes, reach high but never leave the ground'".

Edmée Scholte, Felix Brand Manager: "What I love about OYW is the fact many speakers challenge you to proactively seek diverse standpoints and not shy away from difficult conversations. The dialogue will help us unite for action on the SDGs."

OYW 2019

24th October - Day Two

Day two of OYW was intense. With a packed schedule of 12 hours of speakers, sessions and networking opportunities. The intensity, however, came from the important and emotional topics discussed.

The breadth of topics covered in day two ranged from; eliminating packaging waste to diversity in Fashion & Lifestyle Publications. JK Rowling then asked “if volunteering is doing more harm than good?’ and there was a highly emotive session on Modern Slavery, with Yeomi Park telling her harrowing story and delivering her inspiring message, "As free people, it is our duty to use our voices to speak for the voiceless.”

The Entrepreneur of the Year award, recognised those who realise the importance of purpose-driven business. The five young winners inspired the room by sharing how they found solutions to the problems they saw in their local areas. The winners were Severin Hacker, Catherine Mahugu, (Kathryn Minshew), Srikanth Bolla and Elissa Freiha and all under 35.

The day’s speaker sessions wrapped up with a tribute to Kofi Annan who passed away this year (in 2019). Kofi Annan, Seventh Secretary-General of the United Nations (1997-2006), Nobel Peace Laureate and the founding chair of the Kofi Annan Foundation was one of the original counsellors for One Young World and this lecture paid tribute to him and his ideas.

25th October - Day Three

Intense. Inspiring. Empowering.

Just a few words used to sum up the event by the five Nestlé representatives, here are a few more:


Lucy, Digital and Social Media Manager: “The #OYW2019 event has been absolutely inspiring (and tiring!) with a completely packed agenda covering so many important topics. I can’t wait to see what changes I can make in my personal life and at work to create positive change.”

Amber, Creating Shared Value Specialist: “#OYW brought what’s not going well in today’s world very close. After this week I am convinced about the power of youth leadership and our role in shaping the future of business.”

Daisy, Sales Graduate: “OYW has absolutely exceeded my expectations. I feel incredibly privileged to have been able to attend this inspirational event which has opened my eyes to all sorts of issues of which I was unbelievably unaware.

”I am a big believer in never stopping learning and this event has really highlighted the importance of that. I feel humbled yet empowered by the stories I have heard and am now fired up to translate this experience into meaningful action.” 2/2 #OYW2019”.

Edmeé, Felix Brand Manager: “Once again, OYW has highlighted the importance of taking responsibility for addressing the urgent issues of our time together and I passionately believe Nestlé can play a role in this. I commit to help driving this and challenge you to do the same.”

Alicia, Commercial Degree Apprentice: “'Be the truth of you'. Wow, what a truly inspiring week at OYW. I can honestly say that this has been one of the most enriching experiences of my life. I am so excited to channel all of the energy I have into creating change. Together we can, together we will!”

Learn more about the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals here.