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ONE WORLD is back in 2020

To inspire, educate and empower you virtually for THREE days

one world banner

Tomorrow (Tuesday 10th November 2020), Nestlé in the UK & Ireland will kick-start its three-day ONE WORLD Festival Virtual Event.

Inspired by One Young World, ONE WORLD brings together passionate sustainability advocates and the future leaders of our business, with the aim to become a global internal network that acts as a catalyst for change within Nestlé. ONE WORLD has two very specific goals:

1) Raise awareness about our sustainable development goals and the work we are doing to support these

2) Empower individuals or groups to engage with specific agendas and take action

Last year, ONE WORLD created a one-day event at Nestlé’s Gatwick office with 140 attendees. It brought in nine external experts; ranging from entrepreneurs working in reducing food waste, architects looking at the future of food and youth champions advocating for a more sustainable future, socially and environmentally. They showed the audience the impactful work they are doing outside of Nestlé that drives genuine systemic change in sustainability, within their areas. This truly inspired and empowered the ONE WORLD Network, proving that everyone can take action inside and outside of work when passionate about making a real difference.

This year, ONE WORLD is very excited to invite a host of external and internal speakers to discuss topics related to Nestlé’s three impact areas: The Planet (specifically around biodiversity and climate change), Communities (food poverty) and Individuals & Families (personal leadership). Listed below are some of the external speakers.

Oli Broadhead

Oli Broadhead, external speaker for Planet Day, is a Creative Developer for Eden Project International. A biologist by training, Oli has led fieldwork expeditions to some of the world’s most biodiverse regions and had his photography and writing published internationally.

His experience in both science and storytelling are invaluable to his work on the research and design of Eden’s environmental visitor destinations globally.

Bas Tuenter

Bas Tuenter, Co-founder of Sustainables, will be facilitating the Climate Stimulation Workshop on Earth Day, handing the audience virtual control of the entire world. The science will show that at the current state of the earth, it will heat up to a global average of 4.1°C by the of the century. During the interactive session, together with the audience, he will try to apply changes so that an average of 2.0°C is achieved.

Bas is very passionate about international youth empowerment and has been involved in championing it for the past few years.

tasha photo

Tasha Mhakayakora, external speaker for the Communities Day, is from Lewisham and is an asylum seeker from Zimbabwe. She is a Youth Board Member for Bite Back 2030 and is passionate about creating equal opportunities for everyone to have access to healthier food options.

At the heart of Bite Back is its youth board – a team of passionate teenage activists from across the UK who are campaigning for more opportunities to be healthy. Their main goal is to build a movement of young people who can get the big players in business and government to listen and act.

ade photo

Ade Hassan, external speaker for the Individuals & Families Day is an award-winning entrepreneur and founder of Nubian Skin. After years of struggling to find skin-tone undergarments that matched her darker skin, she decided to create a company that would offer women of colour different options to suit their skin tone. With no background in fashion, she took the leap and consequently made a huge impact within the lingerie industry.

Ade is speaking to the young leaders today to remind them that change comes about when individuals decide to take action. “I have so much faith in this generation, and I know that their action can lead us ever closer to reaching the sustainable development goals.”

The internal speakers range from HR, Sustainability, Marketing and Public Affairs, and will endorse the points made by the external speakers, providing a Nestlé lens.

#ONEWORLD2020 welcomes its speakers. They will feature in live Tweeting on @NestleUKI. Post-event, a highlights video that will capture the three days and will be shared across Nestlé UK & Ireland’s Twitter, Instagram & Youtube.