What’s the secret behind frothy coffees? Food Unwrapped goes behind the scenes at Nescafé

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Ever wondered how Nescafé’s instant coffees get that coffee-shop froth? How does a quick stir create the topping for lattes and cappuccinos?

Channel 4’s Food Unwrapped team are hoping to reveal all when they visit the Nescafé factory in Dalston, Cumbria.

In the episode, due to be aired on Friday, April 16th, Dr Helen Lawal meets Nestlé Application Group Manager, Peter James, to explain what goes into making 18 million sachets of frothy coffee every week.

The factory in the Lake District has been making cappuccino mixes for almost 30 years and produces Nescafé Gold Frothy Coffees and Coffee Mate, a whitener for beverages, for the UK and exports around the world. These mixes use 70 million litres of milk every year to make the cream for the coffees.

During the visit, Dr Helen follows the milk from it arriving at the factory and discovers the secret in creating the froth.

Nestlé Application Group Manager, Peter James, said: “We were delighted to show Dr Helen and the Food Unwrapped team around the factory and give them a sneak peak of the recipe which is enjoyed by so many coffee lovers. Hopefully they found it fascinating how all the fresh milk used is sourced from local farms within 50 miles of Dalston, who work with us to not only better the quality of milk, but also to support the local communities and the natural landscape in the surrounding area.”

Tune in to Channel 4 at 8pm on Friday, April 16th to find out more.