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Buxton® welcomes BBC Radio 4 Today programme highlighting its state-of-the-art production process


Buxton® Waters welcomed BBC Radio 4's flagship Today programme to its water factory in Derbyshire, to explain how it processes and bottles its famous mineral water.

Factory Manager Jez McInerney explained how Buxton® has implemented automation into its production processes to effectively respond to demand for its mineral water. Recent investments have allowed Buxton to roll out automation for its bottling process and in its warehouse facilities, which has required a shift in job specifications for factory employees.

The factory employs around 200 people and Buxton® has retrained and upskilled many of these individuals on the new automation processes.

Grant McKenzie, Managing Director of Nestlé Waters UK, said: "As one of the biggest employers in the local area, it is imperative that we train and upskill our employees so they can continue to work in our facilities. By constantly striving to improve our processes, we continue to provide consumers with natural, great-tasting mineral water."

Jez McInerney, Factory and Operations Manager at Nestlé Waters UK, added: "It was fantastic to be able to showcase our innovative processes to BBC Radio 4's Today programme and its captive listeners. We hope this was a useful insight into how we deliver our wonderful natural mineral water taken straight from the source here in Buxton."

Jez also explained how all Buxton® water bottles are now entirely made from 100% recycled plastic (rPET) and how the introduction of rPET contributes to reducing carbon emissions across the supply chain.