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Meet the innovators: Alice Howell (Apprentice)

Alice Howell 

Unlike her friends who took the more conventional university route, Alice decided right away that she wanted to make a career out of her passion for food. When studying Hospitality, Catering & Food Manufacture at Thomas Danby College, Alice's tutor suggested she apply for a Nestlé Apprenticeship in confectionery manufacturing. She jumped at the chance, and has now been working at the PTC in York for two years.

Alice has worked across a range of research projects, helping handcraft confectionery, chocolate bars and sugar. She has also been able attend the nationwide Alliance of Bakery, Students and Trainees (ABST) networking conference, where she won second place for her innovative Easter-egg design.

Alice is delighted with her decision. She says her apprenticeship at Nestlé’s PTC “has been a really good opportunity“ because it has helped shape her aspirations for a future in product research and development.