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Nestlé Professional Details

The following tables categorise and describe the various cookies used within Nestlé Professional websites:

Necessary Cookies

Cookies which have been judged to be absolutely necessary for the running of a website. These cookies are exempt from EU regulations.

Name Purpose Websites
ASP.NET_Sessionid The Site uses one specific cookie which is essential for its software (ASP.NET) to work properly: ASP.NET_SessionId. This cookie is used to create a session ID for the user, so that the system itself can identify the user as a unique and individual user, distinct from anyone else looking at the website. This information is not used or stored outside Nestlé systems, and is held only temporarily while the user is accessing account pages and other pages which require unique and secure access. Without this cookie, such access could not remain secure, so it is very important.


Cookie Law implementation: nimconsent The purpose of the cookie is: This cookie is used to remember cookie preferences


Privacy Policy change alert: nimprivacy This cookie is used to alert the user to changes to the website master privacy policy.  The cookie counts how many times the alert has been displayed, to a maximum of 5 times.  

Tracking & Social – First Party Cookies

These are cookies which are stored in the context of the Nestlé website, and so appear to have been created by the Nestlé site itself

Name Purpose Comment Websites
Google analytics (_ga, _gat,dc_gmt,_gid, __utma, __utmb, __utmc,__utmli __utmt, __utmv, __utmz) These cookies are used to help us understand how visitors interact with our website by providing information about the areas visited, time spent and any issues encountered, such as error messages.  This helps us improve the performance of our websites. For more information visit Google Analytics You can find out more about Google cookies by visiting the Google Privacy Policy

DoubleClick (Time :
Ad_placement_id :
Ad_id :
Userid :
Client ip :
Referral_url :)
These cookies are used to deliver content via targeted advertising that is relevant to you and your interests or to limit the number of times you see a particular advertisement. These cookies also help us measure the effectiveness of advertising campaigns on Nestlé and Non-Nestlé websites. We may share this information with other parties, including our agencies. For more information visit DoubleClick
WT_FPCWebtrends analytics This cookie is used as part of Webtrends session tracking. They collect information in an anonymous form and used to improve the accuracy of the measurement of visits in the Webtrends Analytics reporting system.
BIGipServer This cookie allows load balancing for applications. In load balancing the BIGIP monitor the routers and other equipment that it monitors for availability. In the event that one of the devices it manages is down the BIGIP will no longer forward connections to that device. Session cookie with is required for the site.
Google Tag Manager (_gcl_au) This cookie is used for a "Conversion linker" it takes information in ad clicks and stores it in a first party cookie. You can find out more about Google cookies by visiting the Google Privacy Policy  
Evidon (_evidon_consent_cookie) This cookie is used to let the browser know, when a user has given consent. This enables other tags and cookies to fire.  For more information visit Evidon.  
Hotjar (_hjid,_hjl,_HJT) These cookies are used by HotJar, giving each user a random ID. This allows them to track behaviour to that specific ID. For more information visit HotJar  

Tracking & Social – Third Party Cookies

These are cookies which are created on a third party site in response to an action by a user on a Nestlé website and which are used to identify that user uniquely.

Name Purpose Comment Websites
Flashtalking Flashtalking is an online ad server delivering ads to websites across the web for well known brand names and advertisers.
Flashtalking is a company which delivers Nestlé adverts on numerous websites.
You can find out more about Flashtalking services by visiting  
Social Plug Ins This cookie is used on websites that include a Facebook share link. It is used to remember your Facebook log-in so you do not need to enter these details each time you use Facebook Connect to log in. Visit Facebook for more information.   This cookie is used to understand how people engage with our digital advertising campaigns. They allow us to understand and evaluate clicks on our adverts so that we can improve the service you receive. Some of these cookies are automatically removed when you close your browser  You can find out more information about doubleclick cookies here.  
Google ad words Nestlé advertises using Google Adwords. A Google cookie is used to enable us to monitor the effectiveness of this advertising by seeing the amount of traffic and conversions (e.g. shop purchases) this advertising generates. These cookies expire after 30 days. You can find out more about Google cookies by visiting the Google Privacy Policy.  
 Crazy Egg Nestlé use Crazy Egg to view how you are interacting with our web pages. Crazy Egg uses a cookie only to distinguish between new and returning visitors and not specific individual information.   More information about Crazy Egg's privacy policy can be found here.

Youtube (GPS, PREF, VISTOR_INFO1_LIVE , YSC, remote_sid) These cookes are used by Youtube for monitoring user preferences for Youtube videos embedded in sites. The main purpose of this cookie is for targetting advertising.  For more information visit Youtube.  
Salesforce DMP (_kuid_) This cookie is used for carrying information on how the end user uses the website and any advertising that they have may have seen before visiting  the website. This is used for targeted advertising.  For more information visit Salesforce  
Infinity Call Tracking (testinifinitycookie, ictf_) This cookie helps to provide, visitor phone call tracking which helps optimise targeted marketing and enable linking inbound calls to marketing activity. This cookie stores a unique visitor reference number and has the main purpose of targeting/advertising.  For more information visit InfinityCallTracking.