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Net Zero by 2050: Why will it take so long?

Net Zero by 2050


At Nestlé we know that taking action on climate change can’t wait and neither can we. We have set 2050 as our global target for achieving Net Zero emissions, in line with science based targets. This means that we are aiming for absolute emissions reductions even while our company grows. And we’re taking action across our whole value chain including our operations and logistics, packaging and also the agricultural systems in which we source our ingredients.

This does not mean that there will not be lots of achievements and milestones on this journey. We will be working towards a 20% reduction by 2025, and a 50% reduction by 2030 and some of our brands will be carbon neutral much sooner to accelerate our impact and demonstrate what is possible.

We’re not starting from scratch - In the UK and Ireland all of our grid-supplied electricity already comes from renewable sources and we’ve significantly reduced waste, but we know we have more to do to reduce our emissions and achieve net zero.

See our full roadmap to 2050.