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Embracing plant-based

Nestlé Professional Chef Darren gives top tips for vegan and vegetarian cooking
meatless meal

Following a meat-free diet is no longer a fad, and more and more people are flexing their recipes to try alternatives to meat and dairy.

We asked one of our top professional chefs at Nestlé UK and Ireland to suggest ways to substitute meat, either as a whole change in lifestyle or as a meat-free day.

chef darren

Darren Chapman, Nestlé Professional Development Chef

1. Stick to your favourites

As a gentle move into a vegetarian or vegan diet, try substituting a vegan alternative into your favourite dishes. Don’t try untested recipes until you are happy with them, then make the switch.

2. Start small

Ease yourself in, going vegan all in on day 1 might be a challenge if you’ve not done it before. Try two or three days a week with meat and dairy alternatives.

3. Add flavour

In vegan dishes you don’t have the same fat content you get from meat, and it’s the fat that gives you the flavour so think of different spices, herbs and seasonings that you can use as well as different ways of cooking to get the flavours into the dishes.

4. Keep motivated

Track how you feel after each vegan day, this may help you stay motivated.

5. Plan and prep

Plan your weekly menu, and prepare if required. This way food will be ready when you are hungry and you won’t pick at foods that are your normal ‘go tos’. Your shopping will be done in one go and you won’t be tempted to go off track.