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Buxton Natural Mineral Water Introduces On the Go Recycling in Buxton

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On Tuesday 27th July, Buxton Natural Mineral Water will launch its Recycle On the Go campaign in Buxton, Peak District. The initiative will see the installation of eighteen ‘on the go’ Recycle Stations and one bring site Recycle Station at four locations across the town.

The campaign aims to increase recycling opportunities in Buxton with plans to install 26 Recycle Stations in total by the end of August 2010. Further Recycle Stations are planned to be unveiled later in the year.

The inaugural Recycle Station will be opened by the High Peak Mayor, Cllr Graham Oakley, who said: “The Recycle on the Go initiative is the first of its kind to launch in Buxton. The campaign objectives to increase awareness of recycling on the go and deliver an uplift of recyclable material will position Buxton as a more sustainably conscious town.”

Paolo Sangiorgi, MD at Nestlé Waters UK said, “Buxton Natural Mineral Water takes its commitment to the environment very seriously and we want to help make recycling easier for people in Buxton, the home of our water. As an on-going commitment, we will continue to develop recycling facilities in Buxton and the Peak District.”

The project is being delivered by Buxton Natural Mineral Water in partnership with Recoup and High Peak Borough Council.

Emily Ford, Project Officer, Recoup said: “Buxton Natural Mineral Water spotted an opportunity for on the go recycling to be introduced in Buxton, and we are delighted that we have had the opportunity to work together to make the initiative a reality. Crucially, through providing an opportunity for people to recycle out of home, we will reduce volumes of waste going to landfill.”

Each Recycle Station has three sections; one for general waste, one for cans, and one for plastic bottles. Each bin is made on a bespoke basis, clearly labelled with Recycle Station and Buxton Natural Mineral Water branding.

The town of Buxton and its natural spring water have been part of the nation’s natural and historical landscape for thousands of years. Rainfall from over 5,000 years ago is forced up through 1,500 metres of British bedrock to emerge crisp and delicious at source at St Ann's Spring, making Buxton Natural Mineral Water one of the purest natural mineral waters in Europe.

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For further information, interviews and images please contact Victoria Webster on [email protected] or call 020 7025 7569/ 07947 922 100.

Notes to Editors

About Buxton Natural Mineral Water

Sourced in the heart of England, in the beautiful rolling countryside of the Peak District, Buxton natural mineral water has been enjoyed for generations since it was first discovered by the Romans in AD70.
Buxton natural mineral water has been bottled intermittently for local sales since the mid-19th century and has been bottled on a commercial scale since 1980. Nestlé Waters acquired the Buxton brand in 1992, today it is the fastest growing bottled water brand in the UK.

Buxton is one of the purest natural mineral waters in the world. According to the British Geological Survey, the water that emerges from the source today fell as rain over 5,000 years ago. During its long underground passage, from a depth of 1500 metres, the water filters through the ancient limestone of the Peak District, acquiring a natural balance of minerals during its long journey. The water emerges at a temperature of 27.5º centigrade regardless of the weather.
Buxton Natural Mineral Water is the official water of the England Cricket Team.

Available in a variety of formats from 25cl – perfect for little hands and healthy lunchboxes – and “on-the-go” bottles in 50cl, 75cl, and 1 litre, through to the larger 1 and 1.5 litre bottles – great for keeping with you during the day to stay refreshed. For those who prefer a little fizz in their water, there is also Buxton Carbonated, available in a 50cl bottled.
For more information visit:

About Buxton Natural Mineral Water Recycle Stations

  • We are opening four sites on 27th July; Spring Gardens, outside Buxton Opera House, Poole’s Cavern and Country Park, and Fairfield Community Centre, there are 19 Recycle Stations altogether.
  • Spring Gardens has 10 ‘on the go’ Recycle Stations, outside the Opera House there are 3 ‘on the go’ Recycle Stations, there are 5 ‘on the go’ Recycle Stations at Poole’s Cavern, and 1 bring site Recycle Station at Fairfield Community Centre.
  • Currently we are developing new sites in Buxton and the Peak District with the aim to open an extra 15 Recycle Stations over the next few months including Buxton Infant School, Buxton Festival Office, and St Anne’s Catholic Primary School.
  • Recoup have been advising and aiding Buxton Natural Mineral Water to set up this new recycling initiative, who wanted to increase the recycling opportunities in Buxton.
  • Buxton Natural Mineral Water as part of the Nestle Waters group is a member of Recoup.
  • The ‘on the go’ Recycle Stations will collect plastic bottles and cans. A ‘bring’ site Recycle Station will collect plastic bottles, yogurt pots, plastic plant pots, margarine, ice cream, and microwaveable tubs.
  • Recoup stands for Recycling Of Used Plastics
  • Recoup is a UK leading authority on plastics packaging recycling, providing expertise and guidance to a wide range of clients across the plastics supply, use and disposal chain.