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Good coffee and good vibes at UK’s first Nescafé Azera Barista+ kiosk in Reading

nescafe azera barista kiosk
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  • Nescafé Azera aims to uplift Coffee-To-Go with new Barista+ coffee bar
  • Freshly ground, barista-served Fairtrade coffee including Flat White and new cold favourites such as refreshing Freddo Cappuccino & Freddo Espresso. Also, new and surprising signature drinks to try such as, the Citrus Sparkling Espresso (by Lemon San Pellegrino), the Milkybar Melt and the twisted Amaretto Oat Flat White.
  • The Nescafé Azera Barista+ is more than a coffee bar, it aims to collaborate with the Reading community and to serve as a platform for local creatives, starting with the artist Kev Munday and the artisan bakery Bakedd.
  • Click & Collect App launching in a couple of weeks that will allow everyone to order before leaving the house


Nestlé Professional announces the launch of the first Nescafé Azera Barista+ coffee bar at the Riverside of The Oracle centre in Reading. The coffee bar boasts a creative and upbeat atmosphere and offers locals with an uplifting on-the-go coffee experience as part of their new daily routine, following the easing of lockdown restrictions in the UK.

With a Brazil Single Origin coffee, made with 100% Arabica beans, the Nescafé Azera Barista+ coffee bar offers a wide variety of Fairtrade espresso based options, with the perfectly balanced Flat White being the barista’s favourite, along with other coffee classics like the Latte, and Americano.

The kiosk also offers new signature drinks, including two cold favourites, the refreshing and instagrammable Freddo Cappuccino and Freddo Espresso; the surprising Citrus Sparkling Espresso by Lemon San Pellegrino; the delicious Milkybar Melt and the twisted Amaretto Oat Flat White.

Visitors are able to customize their coffee experience with a variety of four complimentary milk alternatives - soy, coconut, almond and oat.

With a further sustainability mindset, the Nescafé Azera Barista+ coffee bar encourages all visitors to bring their own reusable cup for a 25p discount.

Vassia Katsogianni, Senior Brand Manager for Nescafé Out of Home said: “People are living busy, on-the-go lives, and coffee has become a part of that routine. Nescafé Azera Barista+ is on a mission to add some colour and energy to people’s coffee moments, and we hope to do exactly that at our coffee kiosk in Reading.”

To further elevate the coffee experience, Nescafé Azera Barista+ champions local artists by giving them a canvas and featuring their work on the coffee bar and on the takeaway cups. To kick-start this initiative, first up is local artist Kev Munday, who creates colourful, “utopian worlds” and invites the viewer to spend some time living in them. Inspired by people-watching and the everyday, Kev exaggerates and celebrates the ordinary and aims for his art to appeal to all ages.

Kev Munday said: “I'm really pleased to be working with Nescafé Azera Barista+ on this collaboration, the coffee bar has given me a great opportunity to exhibit my painting on a large scale and will help to further spread my artwork locally.”

To complement the beverages available, Nescafé Azera Barista+ is partnering with Bakedd, an independent, family-run artisan bakery with a wide geographic taste influence that is served with a Mediterranean twist. Emre from Bakedd will be whipping up fresh and delicious pastries for breakfast or lunch for the coffee bar visitors, every day.

Emre & Gul, Founders of Bakedd, said: “As a family run independent business, great tasting, freshly prepared food and the fun of enjoying it with other people has always been central to our lives. Establishing Bakedd enabled us to bring this passion into life with a broader community. Teaming up with Nescafé Azera on their new journey is a very unique moment for us, as it enables us to share our freshly prepared food with even more people. Nescafé Azera is trying something unique in the market place and it is very exciting for us to be part of it.”

Last but not least, a click & collect app will be available later next month that will allow everyone to order their favourite coffee and food before even leaving their homes. Click, collect and caffeinate!


For more information, please contact the Nestlé UK press office at [email protected] or call us on 020 8667 6005.

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