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Quality Street reveals the sweet the nation most wants back in the tin

Quality Street coffee creme
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We asked - and the nation has spoken. The favourite retro Quality Street sweet is…the coffee crème.

It may have been out of our tubs and tins for more than 20 years, but the coffee crème has not been forgotten. Not only does it have a Facebook group dedicated to its return, but Nestlé receives more enquiries about the coffee crème than any other discontinued Quality Street variety. Now its status has been cemented after it topped our poll of most-loved throwback sweets.

Receiving more votes than the bottom three varieties combined, only the Almond Octagon mounted a serious challenge to the coffee-flavoured favourite. The full results were as follows:

Retro sweet Number of votes cast
Coffee Crème 8146
Almond Octagon 5312
Fruits of the Forest Crème 2623
Jaffa Toffee 2409
Vanilla Octagon 2310
Total votes 20,800


Emily Grimbley, Assistant Brand Manager for Quality Street said: "Many Quality Street fans have an old favourite, and our survey has shown that when it comes to our sweets, absence really does make the heart grow fonder. Although the coffee crème hasn't featured in the mix since the turn of the millennium, it’s clear that it still holds a special place in the nation’s heart.

"We would like to thank everyone who took the time to vote in our survey. It’s great to see the love for favourites old and new, and we hope our winners will love sampling their tailor made prizes."

Five lucky winners will now receive a tin of delicious coffee crèmes, handmade by Nestlé’s expert chocolatiers in York.

There is still time to create your dream Quality Street mix - and have it delivered straight to your door or to the door of someone you love, just in time for Christmas. Simply visit the Quality Street webshop to personalise your tin and select your greetings card and sweets.

Quality Street is made at Nestlé’s factory in Halifax, which is currently making up to 50,000 tins every single day to keep shelves well stocked for Christmas. At peak times, the factory uses almost 500 tonnes of liquid chocolate and 350 tonnes of toffee every week to make the twist-wrapped favourites.


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