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Nestlé brings ‘MORE’ to the party with new KitKat and Yorkie

Raspberry & Hazelnut KitKat Chunky MORE and Oats, Apple & Cinnamon Yorkie MORE announced today
kitkat chunky more and yorkie more bars
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Two exciting new Nestlé chocolate bars are coming to the UK and Ireland with the promise of ‘MORE’ for KitKat and Yorkie fans.

The delicious new bars come with more fruit, nuts and cereal and more protein* and fibre* with both a ‘Raspberry & Hazelnut’ KitKat Chunky and an ‘Oats, Apple and Cinnamon’ Yorkie, forming the new ‘MORE’ range.

The KitKat Chunky MORE will go on sale from next week while the Yorkie MORE will follow before the end of the year.

Each bar is 30% less sugar*, contains real fruit and is source of protein. The new Yorkie MORE is also a source of fibre. The launch is another step in Nestlé’s ongoing work to innovate and develop its confectionery to provide better choices.

Alex Gonnella, Marketing Director for Nestlé Confectionery in the UK & Ireland said: “We are really proud of these latest innovations.

“Whether it is fruit, nuts or oats; the fibre or protein they provide; this range really does offer more and is our next generation of chocolate bars with 30% less sugar*. Most importantly, both of them taste fantastic.”

The KitKat Chunky MORE consists of the familiar, crispy KitKat wafer combined with a thick layer of real fruit and hazelnut pieces all coated in smooth milk KitKat chocolate. Meanwhile, the Yorkie MORE is all about crunchy oat clusters, crisp apple pieces and a hint of cinnamon; all coated in Yorkie milk chocolate.

Nestlé’s Global R&D Centre for Confectionery, based in York, has developed the new range which is just the latest in a long line of achievements that have come from Nestlé’s continued efforts to find new ways to improve confectionery and reduce sugar without compromising on taste and quality.

Last month it was announced that the same UK-based Nestlé R&D teams have invented the first 70% dark chocolate made entirely from cocoa fruit and nothing else. The chocolate, which will be used for the first time globally on a new KitKat in Japan; is sweetened using the pulp of cocoa fruit in a unique and innovative in-house development.

The team is also responsible for Nestlé’s YES! range of snack bars which, similarly, use real fruit, nuts and vegetables for a wholesome snack**. Yes! bars are now wrapped in recyclable paper thanks to yet another breakthrough from Nestlé’s R&D experts in York.

The ‘MORE’ range will start to appear in stores this month with the KitKat Chunky MORE while a larger rollout is planned for later in the year including the Yorkie MORE.



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*Compared to similar chocolate bars.

** Yes! Fruit bars are low saturated fat (reducing consumption of saturated fat contributes to the maintenance of normal blood cholesterol levels), Yes! Nut bars are a source of protein and contributes to a growth in muscle mass)