Nestlé joins calls for National Plastic Packaging Plan

female hand throwing a plastic bottle in recycling

Nestlé is joining UK MPs and others in calling for more to be done to tackle the issue of plastic waste following a new report from the UK think-tank, Policy Connect.

A National Plastics Packaging Plan: Achieving Net Zero Waste Exports – is backed by a number of cross-party MPs and argues that a bold national policy framework is required to make plastic a circular industrial resource and not simply exportable waste or environmental pollution.

The report says that a target to eliminate the export of plastic waste by 2030 would boost infrastructure investment, cut global emissions and protect marine life.

Jonathan Shaw, chief executive of Policy Connect, said: “Britain’s waste export habit is costing our economy and the planet. We can no longer sweep our plastic rubbish problem under other countries’ carpets. UK consumers want to recycle more but our lack of reprocessing plants and circular policies are letting them down. We need a bold national plastics plan that we can all be proud of; to protect the marine environment, to kickstart infrastructure investment and jobs, and grow new markets for recycled plastics.”

Stefano Agostini, CEO of Nestlé in the UK and Ireland said: In order to realise our collective ambitions of a circular economy, the UK must invest in long-term infrastructure development to facilitate waste recovery and recycling. Such a strategy must support and strengthen market engagement, from both public and private sectors, whilst ensuring equitable coverage for all across the country. As a company, we welcome The National Plastics Packaging Plan, and its call for a bold national policy framework to reduce ocean plastics and strengthen domestic infrastructure.

Last year Nestlé pledged to make all of its packaging either recyclable or reusable by 2025 and, in the UK, was one of the founding members of the UK plastics pact along with 42 other businesses with shared commitments to reduce plastic waste.